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Hi!! I'm doing research for content for my new clips4sale store. If you have any fun, interesting or sexy ideas for tickle clips please share them with me. Or if there is something you have been looking for that you haven't been able to find please let me know and I'll see if we can accommodate your request.
misschasistity misschasistity
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2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

There's tons of tools you can use on your "victims". A pair of soft, fluffy, ostrich feather dusters work wonders, the bigger the better! My 'ler uses a pair of 48" inch dusters, almost 4 feet of tickle tool! She loves to tie me up spread eagle standing and use the duster to reach between my legs! They make what is called a "go duster" a battery powered duster that spins. Not many people know about it as a tool, and I've only seen one video of it used. It was decent, but much to be desired in how the tickler uses it. It can reach into many small crevices of body. I've had it used on me and it works. If your ticklee is into light tickling, sweeping their body with a go duster, or two, will drive them insane! I have tons of ideas if you need any.

Tickling video's where you show the whole thing, from tieing/binding the subject, to tickling in socks, removing socks, tieing toes, then tickling bare soles