I Told My Best Friend

I finally told my best friend that I love to be tickled! She was so understanding and did not judge me. She however hates being tickled, so she will never tickle me. I'm fine with that. It felt good to be able to tell her how I feel.

We went to a gay bar because my friend knows the DJ. There was a ******** there who was straight. I asked him if he was ticklish and he said yes. From that moment he kept coming up behind me and with huge hands tickled my ribs. It was a fun night what I remember of it!
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Good for you for telling someone. I'm sure that was a huge burden off you. I never dreamed there were so many into this fetish until I signed up here. Just amazing to me.

Same with me. I was always always into being tickled, but could never tell anyone. If someone would poke me I would always say stop, but I didn't want them to stop. I've never had a tickle fight in my life and I'm 47. I think I would love it. My husband doesn't like to be tickled, so that leaves out a fight. You are not alone. Keep in touch.

Well his lost I'd tickle you all day everyday

Oh I have no doubt you'd love a tickle fight except when the other person isn't ticklish, LOL !!!!

It's funny.I came to this site to find others into tickling.There wasn't one group on here about tickling.I deciced to start a couple and see what would happen.I was shocked to find that there are so many people that are into it.I always thought that I was the only person that had this fetish.I've lived alone with it all my life.I've never told anybody,not even my wife.I can't even say the word to anybody.I'm a wuss.I'm happy that you have more courage than me.Maybe someday I'll tell

Paul, you are not a wuss. Only people who have tickle fetishes would truly understand you. Some other people may think of it as being a pervert, but there are many other reasons for liking it. I like it because it's fun. Others may like it because it gets them aroused. To all of us tickling people you are as normal as peanut butter and jelly.


I wish I could find the courage to come clean about my tickle fetish.Congrats for your bravery

Hi, Paul. Thank you for your comment. If it wasn't for you posting the I Like Tickling I don't think I would have ever talked to anyone about it. I see I'm not the only one who likes to be tickled. At least I know I'm not alone, even though I felt like I was.

I tell my best friend, Tara, everything. It took me a while to talk to her about this, but I was so relieved that she didn't judge me. My husband knows that I like to be tickled, but doesn't comply unless I tell him outright to tickle me, then I feel foolish.

Keep in touch.

Well tell Tara both of you can get tickled together by me to show her how much you like getting tickled

Tara thinks you're really funny and sensitive to people's needs.