Wife Tickling

Recently my wife's son and girlfriend were visiting us.  She was sleeping in the bedroom and we were up when we heard raucous laughter.  We rushed to the bedroom to see our big dog wagging his tail against her side, causing the tickles(coming back after chemo).  Well, we got dog to sit on her, holding her down.  The girlfriend got a wicked grin on her face and began with a foot(my wife's worst spot), as I got the other.  Her son held her legs in place for us.  She laughed and laughed, insisting it was "not fair," but we continued for a good 15 minutes.  We all loved it, and my wife knows she'll get it from us again when they next visit.  We're all talking about it and looking forward to it!!!!!

krautsuper2 krautsuper2
5 Responses Oct 8, 2008

my sister worst post is her feet too.... But she never gives me a chance to touch it, she knows that i love tickling....

Your wife had chemo and is recovering? Same with me and my wife and son are reaqlly enjoying being able to tickle me again!

It sounds like tickling runs in your family. Does your son tickle his girl friend? Did you tickle your wife often in front of your son when he was growing up?

What a great post. I love when the tickling is fun and enjoyed by all. Your wife is lucky to be surrounded by people who love to tickle. Any more family tickle stories to share?

Yes i agree. Nothing like taunting them after putting through a good tickle session. Very arousing.