Tickling the Girl Next Door

I seemed to have struck out with luck being a tickler, my wife isn't ticklish, however when I was in my teens, the next door neighbour came over she parked herself on the chaislounge on our veranda as we chatted - I noticed her sandals, and an impish thought crossed my mind. I disappearred in the house and retrieved a feather I had found, I reemerged back outside and keeping the feather hidden sat near her feet as we continued yakking. Finally I got the nerve up and lightly poked the feather inbetween the spaces of her sandals, she let out a small yelp and jumped asking "what is that?". I showed her the feather she chuckled and flipped off the sandal "is this what you want?" I asked coyly. My heart was racing, I managed a nod and continued slowly tickling her foot soon the other barefoot joined in, I was in heaven!! Her toes curling at every stroke of the feather, provoking quiet giggles. I'm not sure who had the most fun!!  LOL!

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5 Responses Dec 17, 2008

This was a very sweet and sexy little story. I LOVE the part where she sees the feather, chuckles and flips off the sandal...and says "is THIS what you want?" SO hot! Post another story about her!

mie is an outie, it's very ticklish and my boyfriend loved to hold me down and tickle it

mine to my twin brothers love to torture me by holding me down and tickling it

hi im ashley and im only 10 and i love belly buttons and i have a boyfriend and he loves mine he thinks its sexy and my belly button is my mose ticklish part of my body and he now always tickles it and i love it

I wish I had a neighbour like her.