Wow, This Is Tough...

I was married for almost four years before I actually was able to mention this to my wife...But once I did, we both learned how to use it to our mutual advantage.  She says she's not very ticklish, but she's placed herself in a couple situations in which she's allowed herself to be tickled, then (I think) thought better of it. 

My favorite is her inversion table--It's a table that she straps herself to, then flips backward and basically hangs upside down from to stretch her back and relieve pressure.  To use it, she has to place a padded bar over her ankles.  Generally, she wears shoes when she's hanging, but a couple days ago, she was barefoot and, because of the padded bar and hanging upside down, unable to move.  When I came into the room, she said, "Don't you dare!".  I asked what she thought I was going to do besides the obvious--at least I thought it was obvious.  When I lightly tickled her foot she just said, "Oh...that".  Well, since she didn't seem to mind, I continued--two fingers lightly tickling her soles, until--about ten seconds later--she said, "OK, that's enough."  

Well, I stopped (that time).  I haven't come upon her in the same position again since (at least not barefoot).  I think maybe she's a little more ticklish than she lets least on her feet.

As I often note to my wife, it's not fair that she knows exactly what works for me and I still have no real idea what works for her...

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I would like to talk to my lover about adding erotic tickling to our foreplay, but I'm a little afraid. What if he says no way? What if he thinks I'm weird?<br />
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Where does someone find someone else who would love to be tickled? Are there Meet Up groups for this kind of thing?

That's right! Nothing like a restrained tickle tortured person screaming with laughter & begging for the torture to stop!

There's something erotic about a person being restrained in such a manner and the facial ex<x>pression on their face as they see what you about to do to them. The helplessness as they see you hands approaching their nake and exposed soles. hear the screams of laughter and the begging of your hands to stop torturing her naked soles...loverly!!

Reading your story I get the idea that you are the submissive partner in this relationship. There is nothing wrong with that by the way.<br />
I have found that women are always "testing" men to gain more insight into our psyche.<br />
In my opinion they do this because men generally do not talk that much about topics the way women tend to do.<br />
She is testing you and you should not respond in a manner that she expects.<br />
Do what you want instead of thinking too much about consequences....that is be more spontaneous and do the unexpected and see if you notice any changes.