Allow Me to Introduce Myself

my name is jacky (also known as "kiki"). im 18 and im a sales associate at the local mall. i found this group online & decided to check it out because i can relate to this group. im a fun loving girl and for some reason i always find myself being tickled by most of my friends/family. im very ticklish and everyone that knows me knows this. my most ticklish spots are my sides/ribs, and my armpits are terribly ticklish. im not sure if its because i always keep my underams silky smooth, or because i sometimes wear sleeveless tops, but i cant ever reach up for something or stretch without being poked by someone to provoke my giggles. i do admit its fun sometimes but i can barely tie my hair without fingers ending up under my arms! light tickles on my bare armpits are the absolute worst. i just break out into such a laughter and beg that it makes my friends/family enjoy it and want to continue. but im glad i found this site where i can share some of my horrid tickling stories

kiki613 kiki613
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Here is some advice. Put some rice or something like that intosmall strips of plastic wrap. Then tape the stripes under ur armpits and wear a long sleeve shirt. If u put in the right amount of rice into the strips u can make it invinsible and ward off any attampts at tickling from ur friends, family, and co-workers.