Tickled To ******...

 Years ago I had a girlfriend who loved being tied up and tickled. Our favorite scene was for her to be tied up in an upside down "Y" position on the bed (she thought it forced her breasts more forward), and I'm lying on her right side, my left arm going around and underneath her back. I would lick and kiss her right armpit, my left hand tickling her left pit. I loved how she just looked down helplessly at what I was doing to her lovely defenseless pits, all the time laughing, writhing, squirming! My right hand was free to tickle her sides, belly, waist, and hips. Tickling and playing with her nipples drove her completely wild, as well as teasing along the creases where her thighs met her hips. Then I would play with her creamy wet *****... tickling her lips and ****... still tickling her pits with my mouth and fingers, until she exploded into the most incredible ******! Then, after a brief rest, I would continue again, as she would be even more ticklish after she came.

MrTickles MrTickles
51-55, M
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Please do this to me ;)