A "Love/Hate/Gotta Have It" Relationship

It's difficult for me to say that I "love" tickling, because it's more complicated than that. Tickling is actually sheer torture for me...mindblowing, overwhelming, and unbearable. And yet I crave it, think about it constantly, and spend a percentage of my life looking for it.

Paul is right, there are many tickling websites out there, and more people than you might suspect who are into tickling. There are 'lers (ticklers) and 'lees (ticklees, of which I am one), those who just find tickling to be fun, and those who find it to be deeply erotic (I'm one of those, too). Not all foot fetishists are into tickling, but there is a significant overlap between the foot fetish and tickling communities.

A lot of people who are into tickling are into bondage, also. The two go hand in hand. Speaking as a ticklee, being bound intensifies my feeling of helplessness, which in turn intensifies the tickling. I remember the first time I ever got tied down and tickled...it was exhiliarating and exhausting. Even today, many tickling sessions later, I find that a good tickling will leave the soles of my feet tingling for hours! There is nothing like it in the world.

waynerman waynerman
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3 Responses Oct 22, 2007

i adore cuffin and tickling some1 for hours slowly spesh with and ostrich featherr or electric toothbrush trouble is on the uk its hard to find some1 sub enuff :/

Sorry I'm not only there, I would sub for you for sure! :)

AMEN and AMEN, and I would tickle u until u went to Mars and back, and u really wouldnt care!

Bondage & Tickling??!!?? Wow... I never thought of tickling that way. This is a fresh look at tickling which I always do to babies and when I play with kids..