Lets Me Fly My Freak Flag

I live in an artist's community. A new agey sort of small town so I never get second-looks like I jumped in the transporter beam from 1967. I AM from 1965, in fact. My dad was a full-fledged freak and I believe that's why my blood is infused with tie dye ink.

In second grade (1972) my elementary school art teacher had each of us bring in an old white cotton shirt. I brought 2. We learned to tie dye in class that day and it was the highlight of grade number 2. I was a Lisa Simpson type of kid but this fed my freak side.

When adolescence reared up in me, it seemed natural to seek tie dyed clothes, to accompany my experimentations. In the 90's there was a resurgence of all things psychedelic. Anyone remember the "Fruitopia" commercials? I happily started a new collection of tie dyed clothes. I have skirts of all families of colors as well as rainbow. Designs and intricate dye work became the thing to find.

I collect tshirts from concerts, other than The Grateful Dead, although I have a few of those requisite DeadHead tshirts as well. I came across a retail shop with fantastic designs and colors tie dyed on pants. The sharpness of the colors and tied design work is reminiscent of mandalas. I have gotten many compliments when wearing them from New York to California. I fully embrace my hippie roots and let my freak flag fly. I will probably never cut my hair.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

Tie Dye shirts are great. Was born in 70s, but my passion with tie dye still lives. Kudos to you...