Tying Up Women And Kidnap Role-play

Hi, I love tying women up! Mostly in fantasy, but a number of times for real over the years. (I'm male, born in 1973.) I've been excited by the sight or thought of bound women for as long as I can remember, definitely long before I was interested in females sexually. I remember first getting excited at tie-up scenes on TV, comic books, etc. like Daisy Duke, Wonder Woman, Gilligan's Island, etc.

I've gotten to tie up a number of willing captives over the years! Some women who were up for trying it out, and some who actually are excited by the idea too. I've done some bondage play as part of sex, but also a lot of "PG-13" playing too: no nudity, or maybe tying but no touching, something like that.

My favorite is tying up women in lingerie or other sexy outfits, but ultimately, I like whatever makes her feel sexy and/or safe. I don't like pain, torture, or master-slave stuff. I do like the ropes to be tight, though. Not so much that it hurts her, but tight enough that it's realistic and hard to escape from. I love having her made as helpless as possible: tight bonds, maybe a gag or a blindfold.

A number of times, I've role-played with women, things like kidnapping, burglary, daisy duke, sexy spies, etc. Anything that involves her getting captured and tied up by the bad guy. I've done some online playing too, not really role-playing, more like describing scenes and fantasies and things. Fun to learn some sexy fantasies that a woman has, and then mix some of them together to come up with fantasy scene that's exciting to us both.

I know for a fact that lots of other men and women like this kind of thing too!
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I just want to know where you fellas are, haha. I would love to become friends or even romantically involved with a man who likes to role-play like this. But ya know, this isn't exactly something that just comes up in conversation, so it's seemingly impossible to do so. I like the role-playing that you've described because it is a turn-on to have a man demonstrate that he can overpower me but doesn't want to hurt me.

Tie me up any day <3

From remarks made by women over the years, I gather that women may like to be tied up for several reasons. One is that it satisfies their need to be desired. Any woman who'd be kidnapped and held captive must have qualities that attracted her assailant. <br />
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Second, while she's tied up, she's absolved of any responsibility for whatever sex may follow. If her kidnapper takes advantage of her, it's not her fault.<br />
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The sheer feel of ropes and gag may induce orgasmic sensations. While tied up, unable to talk, what's a gal to do? Wriggle around, twist and writhe, and... well, if she keeps that up, what do you think will happen?

Gotta 'ave fun somehow.