Major Multi Tasking

Any man that can have 13 to 16 lovers keep them all happy the mans my hero.

And still have time to text every single one of them and win major golf tournaments the mans my hero.

I say Tiger suck it up take the damages and walk away and go find yourself another 16 lovers dam. the mans my hero.


51-55, M
7 Responses Feb 22, 2010

oh Pix, i text you. i know it doesn't mean as much.

He never texted me.... Pix sulks... ;-(

you need to he get jealous of me. hehe

Awwwww..... we'll have to tell that to Tiger next time he calls me for a hook-up....

Sara, you are special all the time to me.

Sweettart2609 all he said on his briefing is that whatever they decide is their business.. we will see what happens.

Well, each of us felt that Tiger made us his special girl for the week, you know?