Year Of The Tiger

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger last year at a local casino I had one of the single greatest moments in my life. I got to bottle feed a tiger cub and get my photo taken. I've loved tigers since seeing my first white tiger in the Tornoto Zoo. There is just something so very beautiful about the large graceful felines but this...this was truly a day to remember. That's why I love tigers.
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1 Response Feb 18, 2012

OK I don't want to dampen your memories of the event, but do you have any idea the truth about either the white tigers or the sweet 'lil cubs that are taken around and profited off of? Have you ever watched "The tiger next door" please do. I spent YEARS of my life caring for those babies AFTER they were big enough to be dangerous and got locked away in a rat hole to breed more babies to be profited from. I agree tigers are Wonderful, Beautiful creatures!!! That is me in the profile pic....Now its my job to educate the people who genuinely care about these astonishing animals and help them to understand what is happening to the tigers in this world!<br />
If you are truly interested in tigers watch the documentary above and "Broken tail" then check out Exotic Feline Rescue Centers web site along with Black Pine Animal Sanctuary...then get back to me and I'll tell you my story as I tell you the story of my friends and what you can do to help the species as a whole!