Fun Clothes

I love my tight clothes. I have leggings, jeans, skirts, one piece swimsuits that are all to tight. These clothes show off my curves and make me feel sexy. I hope to turn women and men on just by what I am wearing. Sometimes my clothes are so tight I can not wear any panties or my bra with them.
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15 Responses Nov 11, 2012

i love tight jeans shorts and lil panties

I love to see you in them .You turn me on ! I dream of you !!!!

Sounds great to me. Nice clothing choices.

Looking at your profile are a sexy and hot girl what ever you wear.

Sounds like I would like to be behind you going up the stairs, so I could watch that *** and maybe more.

Awesome xx

thats hot! x

Sounds so cute, tight jeans and loose sexy shoes.

Cool, I especially like the idea of swimsuits or leotards that are tight.
Have you posted any of those kinds of photos of you?
Judging from the white dress, I would love to see more.

Tight closthes on the right body are certainly sexy. Conversly, on the wrong body is something else. If that's you in the window, then I'd say it's gonna be a sexy site to see! :o)

I imagine you are a visual treat each time you wear something so form fitting it displays your lovely body

I would love to see you in those outfits. I'll be willing to bet you look fantastic in them. I'd beg you for an add if that is what it takes. I like to read or at least glance at your stories.

Mmm ;)

Fabulous sweetie

Id like to see you in leggings, but you must have pantie lines, two sexy things on one hot package