Tights, Leggings, Panty Hose....

I just love them all.... maybe for one or two things: warmth, and the way the seem to attract men... lol! Both are nice, but men are the best of all
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So true Janie - I have such a weakness for a pretty lady in tights/pantyhose/stockings. And like, you, I love to wear them too - they just feel amazing on.

Best part is they provide cover and are oh, so warm!!!

or a nice warm body giving me a hug.....

So here's a question if I may
What do women think of guys that wear tights, I'd have thought that may be abit wierd for you??
I am a tights fans and am an average straight guy

I think fit guys look positively wonderful in them...

Tights do make you look so much more elegant, sexy and attractive! And they're great for running my hands over!

Hmmm, here's a question I thought about. what is the difference between leggings and tights? I love them both, after all...

Ah, it depends where you're from. In the UK we say tights when others might mean pantyhose. Underwear I suppose, as you wouldn't wear tights out without a skirt or something. Leggings are a stand alone thing.

I pretty much love them all... especially for leg support, and how they make me look and feel, and how you can layer with them with a top, like a sweater over a tee. They all just look great.

Definitely. Do u ever wear more than 1 pair together? A girl did that for me once (hold ups under tights/pantyhose). Looked & felt great.

Yes, I wear layered clothes when I feel it's appropriate, and I want to stay warm. Sometimes I wear leggings under yoga pants. 'Holdups' must be another UK term I don't really know.

Leggings may not have a gusset patch, while pantyhose always do.

hold ups are stockings that don't need a suspender belt, they hold themselves up.
Do you every layer 2 pairs of pantyhose?

I guess we would call them "thigh highs." Thanks.

Two pairs of panty hose? No not yet; why? warmth? (My issue is whether to wear panties under my panty hose, I usually do.)

I know some girls do it for warmth. I think it can feel nice to touch when a girl has them layered. I like to see panties under too. I guess I like the layers to caress & unwrap!

I think leggings are more flat colors, and have a hole for your foot. Tights I think have sewn in feet. Pantyhose are not usually meant to be worn as an outer garment because of the gusset, mainly. I wear them all the time at home, and usually thrown on a pair of old jeans or a skirt to go shopping.... but to take out the trash, I don't....

every since I read your comment, I've tried it. Mainly because its winter and I like to stay warm. I'm not sure how hot it looks...

Do u mean the 2 pairs thing? I think its hard to tell if a girl's doing that. They look slightly different. If you want the same colour, use nude /natural as the under layer. Did it feel any different? I bet you did look hot!

I think they usually made with heavier fabric like cotton. today there are just so many varieties of things to wear... I love to go shopping to see what they have.

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And as a guy, I can verify that they attract me... big time. and the tighter the leggings the better. In the hosiery department, you can also ad thigh-highs and stockings suspended by garter belts or teddies. YEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!

I like capris with a tee, and leggings with colorful thigh highs when it's cold

And I like looking at you girls in them!!! And as far as thigh-highs are concerned, I must confess... my all time favorite are those classic black fish nets. Can't explain it and believe me, I've tried to figure it out, myself, but they've turned me on going back to when I was a kid. Even as a pre-teen I remember popping wood seeing them on adult women. Guess seeing them on a pair woman's legs and getting aroused by it is inbreed into the human male.

Oh... and BTW... capris with a tee have are also a favorite with me... especially if the capris are black. And that also goes back to when I was a kid and watching Mary Tyler Moore wearing them on the old **** Van Dyke show. I used to watch that show just to drool over her in them.

I like to wear any colorful thigh high with my leggings, usually, but not always, underneath... they make me feel much warmer in winter, plus I like the style... Thigh highs alone go with nice dresses, for cocktail parties and going out... classic LBD stuff.

You are a woman after my own heart, Janie girl. We are both on the same wave length on this, but in my case it's looking at a woman's legs adorned and accented by them and in your case, as you admitted, it's wearing them. A turn on from both our perspectives. :)

I wear legging Capris all the time....

That just goes to reinforce my statement that you are a woman after my own heart, Janie girl. :)

Thanks! ;).

You are welcome, Janie girl. My pleasure.

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