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I remember when I watched adult swim i would check the guide and when it said tim and eric i didnt care i just thought it was some stupid show and i wouldnt like it. I use to watch aqua teen hunger force and oblongs instead. I always knew this show as theĀ  show with the guy that looks like uncle jim, because Eric looks like my uncle. I remember one night I went to sleep with the tv on and I woke up arround 2:30 and tim and eric was on. I was half asleep so I didnt know if I should change the channel, so I kept watching and it was the episode where tim turns into a cat. The parrt I saw was when he was in the cage and turned back to human form when he was naked to the end. I nearly died when I saw that. Me and my brother use to think this show was retarted then I told him about that episode and we tried to fing it by watching all these clips on the internet and they were the funniest things ive evr seen. they are sooo random and rediculous, its almost like you have to be on crack to come up with thier bits. and ever since then ehis show has been my absolute favorite, it stinks cuz most people at my school have nevr hearf of it and at the lunch table we r always talkin about shows like the office and stuff but never tim and eric and they need to be more well known, they deserve it. anyway is it true that the show is over now and they wont cotinue it? and will they make a movie? I saw the crimbus special, good times! but not a christmas movie a regular movie, will they make one of thier show? if someone could answer my questions that would be great!
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1 Response Mar 19, 2011

lol Crimbus... I haven't heard anything about a movie, and as far as I know their contract w/ [adult swim] was up, but that doesn't necessarily mean they won't renew and make make more episodes... I wouldn't be too surprised if they moved on, though. They're very creative and probably have many ideas they'd want to try out, so we'll see I guess. Whatever they do is going to be awesome, though.