How I Found Out!

It was over spring break this year (but I am way obsessed to the point that my mom is making me see a psychiatrist). My school band and jazz band was performing at Disney Land. I was in the hotel room with my room mates, and I was flipping through the channels when I saw that Scary Movie 2 was on (I didn't realize it was that until later though(but that isn't important). Then I saw Tim Curry . I told my friends to come in quick and asked them, "ISN'T THAT MAN GORGEOUS?!?!?!" And they just looked at me weird (they don't understand the beauty of him). When I got home I did my research and rented the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now I am COMPLETELY obsessed to the point that I cry when I see pictures and movies and hear his voice!!!

MrsTimCurry MrsTimCurry
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 25, 2008

I totally agree!!! Ive been in love with Tim Curry since I was 13 then I saw rocky horror 10 years after and oh my god! Hes a maaaaan!I And that awesome movie was made before I waseven thought of!<br />
In just 7 seconds, I could make him a maaaaan!! He he!!