OH Yeah!!

He is by far my favorite actor (followed closely by William Petersen). Who doesn't love a man who looks hot in women's lingeri, has nice legs, is twisted, and can still do more voice-overs for childrens cartoons than most actors?!?! He played in my favorite movie, CLUE.... and my favorite musical, Rocky Horror Picture Show. He is just amazing!

"It is so comforting to know that there are so many people out ther sicker than me." -Tim Curry

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Oh yeah. He was so sexy in Rock Horror.... or at least I think so... :)

that is one of my favorite movies ever-I know the words to every song-and he is hot. the scene where he asks them if they have tattoos...he is so sexy-it is his eyes and the way he moves his shoulders...yes. I have to agree with you. I must have seen it 500 times-and, I am still waiting for my Satanic Mechanic.