I Love This Also

Being a "well endowed in the upper body" woman, it is only natural that my lovers have always wanted to do this. And I never minded it either. Sometimes I ask them to pull back and *** on them and other times they can do it while sliding between them. Either way it can be fun and I enjoy sucking the tip and it comes through
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Awesome description of a beautiful position ! mmmmm

I love either...

I am always pleased to find women who love TF'ing! It's my favorite thing to slide my hard **** between an ample pair and have a huge climax!

I love hearing from women who enjoy a ***-****. Thanks for sharing!

Sounds like fun. Hope you consider adding me.

I appreciate you.

Wow I love that. You are sexy.

wow very hot thanks for sharing

i love a great ***** ****, love it when it slides through those soft sexy mounds and a tongue gives it a flick as the head pops through, will do it till i leave the sexy lady a pearl necklace as a gift for her endeavors, you are a very sexy lady for enjoying this action, may i ask for a add

Wow now this is an awesome story and great insight in to you.Thank you.

Thanks and I do love doing this

I will have to share one of my true stories with you sometime if you like?

please do

Ok my friend you have mail,enjoy.

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A woman after my own heart.

My wife and I love this also!

btw - several times a week?!? Your husband is a lucky man! ;-)

So am I to have him

I am very glad you enjoy this. So many ladies hate doing this. Keep enjoying this sexy encounter.

As a man I love ***** *******. Its nice to hear a woman's view point.

Just curious -- do you derive any please from this, or is your pleasure that of giving your partner pleasure? It does not seem that Tittyfucking would provide a woman much in the way of stimulation.

Mostly for him, but I enjoy it also. Looking into his eyes as he slides between me is erotic. And I tease my nipples as i hold my **** together which is always good.

Thanks. My wife and I did this a few times, but honestly, it really did not move either of us that much.