This might be a little odd coming from a guy, but I like dressing like I'm pregnant.  I've stuffed pillows in my shirt since I was a young kid, and though I've had to keep the practice under secrecy in more recent years, I still like doing it.  It's really odd now that anyone, should they ever see me, could plainly tell I was a male and a fake.  Oh well, I suppose that's why there's no need for me to go out like that.  Still, I love the pregnant from, and I always try to get as close to it as possible.  I've tried big round balls (which is my favorite method because they make me look the biggest), weights wrapped in blankets, pillows, and sometimes water balloons.  Though I can never be pregnant myself, even putting on a big shirt and watching my fake belly stretch it out makes me feel quite maternal.  Not to mention sexy.  I really love pregnant women, and I like trying to look like one myself as much as possible!

SonJeevas SonJeevas
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

dude, i'm glad that i'm not the only guy doing this in his bedroom. granted it is odd for guys like us to be doing such things, for me i also secretly want to be female so that i can have the ability to become pregnant. in my next life perhaps. in this life i'll just have to resort to stuffing pillows and blankets in my swaetpants.