I'm Not That Bad At It, However...

sometimes i worry that in the end, i'm really just a sociopath.

i do think it's fun. i'm very lucky. i was just getting really upset because my second term as alumni ambassador ends at the end of March this year (which means no more annual alumni plays) on Sunday. and then today (it's only Tuesday), the school admin just announced that my class (along with a higher level) will get ateliers du théâtre for 2 hours per week until the end of February. i'm actually really excited. i thought maybe the end of my second term would be an opportunity to really focus, but oh well. i mean i am taking DELF prep so i can work at the UN/ no harm, acting again for fun.

i can't believe i tweeted this on Sunday: "I really like it when like 2-3 years later, someone recognizes me from a play. I don't even want them to know my real name. Hm. ♥ #Theater" no. i did not say that. maybe i didn't mean that. i'm dizzy and disoriented right now. i need to do my devoir à la maison.
peppersasen peppersasen
Jan 22, 2013