I had always wanted to be in Drama in school. And then, I wanted to be an actress altogether. My favorite actress is Marilyn Monroe... I admire her so much. She was a talented actress. And my favorite actor is Tim Curry. His talents are beyond amazing. And I'm good with accents. That got me the part of Veruca Salt in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in Junior High, and Paula Thompson in "Murder's in the Heir" in my Freshman year of highschool. Can't wait to see what my Sophomore year will throw at me!! I definitely love to act... and hopefully my SAD won't get in the way of me wanting to become an actress!!
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Good Luck! Keeping working to improve and I am sure you can do anything.

I think that is wonderful!<br />
You'll be able to accomplish so much as long as you keep that glimmer in your eye and know you can do it!