Pie Anyone?

Yes, I love to bake pies.  Probably because it's the only baked good that I can make really well.  Anytime I'm asked to bring something somewhere, I always bring pie.

darlene darlene
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4 Responses Apr 17, 2008

Since apple season is fast approaching, I see no reason why a nice apple pie can't be whipped up for you :-)

Silver: I said bake, not eat...(but you know...heehee)<br />
Brut: not hard at all, in fact fruit pies are the easiest.<br />
Monkey: What kind you like?

I love fruit pies...mmm. I think that baking a pie would be hard because there are so many steps to it! It would be fun to try.

Pies have too many complex carbs missy! Not part of the diet I set up for you :P<br />
<br />
But Pumkin Cinnamon pie is okay.... once a year :)