worst bakery name ever

My best friend and I make AMAZING cake balls. She wants to start selling them at craft fairs and such. The only problem is we can't come up with a business name. The first one I thought of was Balls In Your Mouth, and now we can't get past it. Every time the subject comes up we just giggle like little girls.

If you have any better ideas we'd love to hear them! Our names are Beth and Jessi if that helps.
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Great-Balls-O'Cakeness!<br />
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"Like Cake? Then you'll love our Cake Balls, smothered in chocolate for an in your face surprise you'll never forget! Get two! On for you and one for a friend and you'll be all set! We make custom cake balls in custom sizes, so whatever your desire,we can help you cake ball fantasies a reality!"<br />
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Q - Ummm.. at what size do these balls become unwieldy/unmanageable? Would a beach ball sized cake-ball just implode like a multi-colored black hole, or what?

You should sell the Christmas bulb cakes. by the half and full dozen in white partitioned boxes, just like how the higher Christmas bulbs are sold. ... My spouse used to call me BASF .. I don't come up with innovative ideas ... I just make them better.<br />
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You need to get cracking ... Open for the Christmas season .. and take advantage of St Valentines day, Easter (Easter Egg Cakes) and graduation party and wedding season in the spring ... Summer would be a bad time of year to start.

Here's another idea ... make ball cakes the size of Christmas decoration bulbs ... with strings .. and fancily decorated with icing to be hung on the tree. You could make some decorated to look like popcorn balls.

That is a great idea! I'm gonna have to put you on the pay roll.... once we start making money....

Yeah, she could make tiny cake balls and put 'em on a string like pearls....

"Spherical Confections" is another good choice. You could have fun making names for different spherical cakes ... like red "cup cake" sized with red icing ..."Great balls of Fire"

Got it! "Spheres of Influence" ... Good luck

"World of Cakes" is another .. but like "Spheres of influence" better You could display a "Globe cake" in the window ... Russia and China would have red frosting .. of course.

Of course!

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Mu obgyn used to be Dr. Cummins

This is off the subject but I went to school with a guy named Harry Ball.<br />
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No joke....

I can think of a lot of names but each of them would definitely limit your sales to various groups and people.....that is not what a new business wants to do. Maybe you could make buns too and then you could call your company Hot Buns and Sweet Balls.

Balls for U.. "you'll *** back for more".. Bill

Chicks with Balls

See, I love this name, but I have a feeling we would get tons of calls looking for services we are not equipped to provide.

Not if they are doing a search for bakeries. Chicks with Balls - Youv'e never experienced anything like our balls in your mouth. TM

i like how it's already trademarked! There is a local coffe/tea shop named Tea Baggers. I think this may be a destined partnership!

Mouthfulls R Us

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I think we call them TimBits

Are they just cake pops but without the sticks?

Yes, I believe so. Crumbled cake mixed with icing, formed into balls and dipped in chocolate. We don't need no stinking stick!

Balls to You!

We actually just came up with a worse name-<br />
<br />
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