It Makes Me Happy

   I love to bake. It makes me happy to bake for people. I have a friend that says I can bake for him anytime I want. He wouldn't say that if I baked everyday. Lol. Then his wife would be saying he needs to work out. He wouldn't like that. So, I bake for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, working extra hard, stuff like that. The guys at work never know when I'll bring stuff in, but boy do they love it when I do. I bring in everything from apple pies, to cheesecakes, to brownies, cupcakes and cookies and breads. My circle of people I share with has grown. It used to be 4 now it's about 15-20. I like that, but it does get expensive. The group has enlarged because people keep saying stuff like "You have to get some of her baking next time. It's like a foodgasim." That makes me laugh. All you have to do for me to give you food is be genuinly nice to me and help me when I ask for it. I like to reward people. And most people like baked goods.

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It's funny because two of the things that I just can't get right is chocalte chip cookies and me they just aren't right...but to others they are fine. Isn't baking fun and relaxing? Even when I'm busy I enjoy it.

I just recently started baking and I love it too! I used to think it would be too much of a chore, but it is actually really fun. Have you tried baking chocolate chip blondies before? They are sooooo delicious.

I have started to.....I need to start looking into it again, I was actually talking about that with a friend today.

Thank you both nrcsguy and gottaBhappy. I will seriously look into it. If anybody has any suggestions as to how to go about doing this I would appreciate. Thanks again :)

go for it, if people are always asking for your bake good, it doesn't matter if its good or bad economy. There is no replacing the greatness of a cake or a dish. Think of the years a business has been, and they went through many recessions.

Good baking is always welcome ... I could live on it, umm ...

I have thought of going into business but, I'm very scared because of they way things are. However, I am thinking about it more and more every day.

Have you thought of going into the business or just charging them for the cost of food?