Ribs - Posted In a Differnet Spot Too

I have finally made decent ribs they were so good, fall off the bone type.

They were pork ribs, the middle cut, not baby back and not the huge ones.  Put them in foil with some lauries salt, worshishre and a honey bbq sauce on them, wrapped them up and put them on a pecan wood smoke about 150 to 200 for 6 hours. 

Talk about good, I also put some chicken breast on there with the same mix and they were good also but may have been better on the grill with italian dressing.

But the ribs were great.  Give it a try.

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I think that if they were in a crock pot that you could use more BBQ sauce and don't use the foil. Have it on high for bout 2 to 3 hours then switch it to low for 4 more should turn out pretty good.<br />
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If your crock pot is big enough? The bones is what makes it hard to cook with.

mmmmmmmm ribs. you know i was wondering how to do them like that in a crockpot, i wonder if the same temp and all would work.

Cooked in crock pot ain't bbq.