My muscles ache......and I miss you.  I dream of a long, hot bath...the scalding water soothing my muscles and joints...the serenity soothing my mind.  I light several pillar candles, scented with the perfume of sweet gardenias,set them about the bathroom, and turn out the lights.  I turn on the hot water full blast, and the cold just a trickle.  The candlelight dancing on the water is beautiful.  I pour in a generous helping of Honey/Vanilla scented bath beads,..not bubble bath, which I hate, but bath beads to silken the water and my skin.  My skin will need soothing from the steaming skin begins to turn red from the heat of it. 

I rest my feet, one at a time, on the rim of the tub toward the faucet, and spread thick , foamy shave cream on each leg, respectively. I run the razor down each calf on all sides, leaving my legs silky smooth.  The water stings the freshly shaved skin, but I love how it feels!!  I rinse my legs and sit cross-legged in the tub....the water almost to my navel.  I raise my arms into the air and stretch my body as far up as I can reach.  I hold there, clasp my hands, and stretch to the at a time.  I bring my arms down, and straighten my legs.  I grasp my ankles on the outside from inside my legs, and pull my body down, almost bending in face inches above the fragrant water. The scents of honey and vanilla fill my  nostrils, and I instantly relax....letting the sweet fragrance take my imagination, while my body is stretched to it's limits in the hot water.  I hold this position for a full two minutes....letting the frangrace envelope me, and thoughts of you to run rampant in my mind.  My nipples harden at the thought of you.....and further thought brings moistness to my soaking *****.  I feel the blood rush to my lips, the water feeling hotter to them because of the swelling thoughts of you have engendered.

I rise inch at a muscles feeling the release of the stretching, and my mind lost in thoughts of you.  I take my bath puff and fill it with the lavender scented baby wash I use to wash my skin...keeping it feeling silky soft.  I run the puff all over my body, leaving big mounds of bubbles all over my skin.  Every single inch I touch, I think of you...caressing those parts yourself. My mind races and my heart pounds....I long for you!! 

I rinse the bubbles from my  body with the still scalding water, and rise to dry.  Water trickles down my body....I am enveloped by sweet, simple scents...and I buff my body with the soft towel I had prepared just for this purpose....large, fluffy and inviting.  I dry every drop of water from my steaming skin, then stand in front of the mirror.  And I sooo wish you were here to see my body...and my desire for you...........
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Thank you, Chief. I hope he sees this as well!!!<br />
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K<br />

Indeed??? And what does sxd think of that idea?? LOL!!!<br />
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Such a vivid and rich description of your bath... You definitely have a talent for describing things!!! And you so make me want to share bath time with you!!!