Hot, Steamy,sexy

I love relaxing in the tub with my lover.  Its a feeling of warmth and is purely romantic.  This place (my tub) is where I go when life is overwhelming.  Feeling close enough to someone to share this bliss makes it even more meaningful.

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5 Responses Jul 21, 2008

what about a hot bubble bath made for you with candles burning around the edges & a ice cold wine cooler ?? alllll made by a guy that really cares ?

I love bathing with my wife. Getting in a very warm bubbly water facing each other. Admiring her beautiful body peeking through the suds. Streatching out my toe to barely touch her ya ya. Touching each others soapy hands and kissing her fingers. Watching her face flush as I lean in wanting to kiss her. It has been some time since we have done this. That part of her mind seems to have closed off.I am lonely for those tender moments. If you are able to share those with someone you love. Treasure those times. :) Thanks, your story help me remember my times. :)

considering its not your "me" time. It can very romantic to shower or bathe with your lover. All the soapy lather, skin, warmth, incense, bubbles, music...oh boy! I'll just should try it sometimes.

I'm stingy... thats my warm bubbly, candles glowing... aroma burning time... get out... I need me some me time... then maybe you can join after... lol sorri boo

I agree it is wonderful to take a bath with your lover, been a long time for me and I miss that closeness.....