The Golden Touch


I have been bestowed the greatest gift……


When it comes to barbequing, I definitely have the golden touch….


I barbeque about 3 times a week, and almost every time we sail. Now anybody can barbeque a decent steak, or burger, but when I do, it’s more of an art form really. My ribs are my most requested, but I also quite often do, Tri-tip, smoked trout, turkey, pheasant, dove, duck, rack of lamb, fish kabobs, crab, and all of the usual characters.


I have two barbeques and a smoker, but I mostly use my Weber Kettle. I usually only use hardwood mesquite, I mean wood, not mesquite charcoal. Whenever we go to a party or a family get together, I am requested to do the cooking. I really love that everybody loves it so much. If I have to say I have another favorite besides the ribs and Tri-tip, My smoked turkey takes 3rd. My mother has been in the catering business for 30 years and swears it is the best she’s ever had every time.


If anybody wants any tips or recipes, I would be more than willing to share.

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Marketing has confused everyone on barbequing and grilling. BBQ is cooked at low temps for a long time. Grilling is cooking at high temps for a short time. So hamburgers, steaks etc is grilling not bbq. Briskets, pork etc would make bbq if cooked correctly. Also bbq is cooked over wood coals. Sauce does not make anything bbq, it is just to compliment the bbq.

now I'm hungry!

I got my husband a grill for his last birthday. It's a wonderful evening in our house when we decide to use the thing. As is traditional, I do all of the work in the kitchen, and the man is in charge of the fire. (I can grill, but I let him. It makes him happy, and gives me some sense of solidarity.) My favorite thing to prep for the grill is asparagus wrapped in bacon.

I've never tried BBQ trout, sounds yummy. I don't have access to a grill very often and have actually made BBQ ribs in the oven. I know doesn't sound as exotic. Though I like them. I got the recipe from Everyday Foods on PBS, except I don't grill the ribs at the end & I use my own sauce. Everyone who's tried them likes them. <br />
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I add BBQ to beef steaks, ground turkey for tacos and occasionally to pork chops. My favorite sauce is 'Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce', I like swwweeet BBQ best. Though I know everyone has their own preference.

lilt... YEP!<br />
I killed one smoke flavor-wise a long time ago, but hickory tends to be a bit more mild than mesquite. That one I also tried to do REALLY spicy hot too.... Both were too much...<br />
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Eric! The cooking is the fun part! Although you can count on some incoming soon!

No tips needed...just send me the food! :)

Marinade and easy on the it!<br />
Thanks. I'm so excited!

Hey lilt!<br />
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Oooooh Yummy! Should I just buzz on over and do it for you? It is fun ya know!<br />
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Anyway, I find the brisket one of the trickier smokes... It could be me, but I think it's the nature of the meat being so flavorful to start with, and it's willingness to grab flavor. That being said, I think the best tip I have here is to not go overboard with the smoke production. I have done both a rub and a marinade, and prefer the beer marinade that I use for my Tri-Tip. If you do a dry rub, it's hard to keep the brisket from drying out if you don't baste more often. Garlic, pepper, oregano, rosemary, sage, any other yummy stuff you like and enough beer to cover. Something with flavor and a bite without being to overbearing. Tecate, Pacifico, Bud. I won't drink Bud, but I do buy it do buy it for marinating. Essentially 99% marinated beer, cover the meat for a few days in the fridge, and use the rest to baste. I would spoon it over the meat about every hour or so... 180 seems like the right ending temp.<br />
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Okay, so I have got a 10lb hunk of brisket for this weekend. I have an electric smoker, that I'm just getting to know better. I have plenty of hickory chips. To marinade or not to marinade, that is the question. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, Sailor.

NOW???? Please:)

RHR, JJ, Brut...<br />
<br />
Thanks for the comments!!!!<br />
Sorry about making everybody hungry....<br />
I HAVE shipped fresh BBQ to friends before....<br />
Hmmmm.... Maybe a little EP care package....<br />
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Yeah, HS!<br />
Where's the beef, and trout...!<br />
There is nothing like being outside, food cooking, sitting down chatting or throwing a is the best. Thanks for this story!

HS now im hungry :)

Hey WoS!<br />
<br />
Glad I could bring back such a fond memory!I don't want to offend the girls, but game birds on the grill have no equal. One of the best ways I've done them are wrapped in bacon, but I prefer a garlic/butter/olive oil and seasoning brushing way too.<br />
<br />
My wife loves the game birds too, gives me the HARDEST time when I don't come back with a full limit. "so what happened?" "Did everybody else limit?" "Why didn't you?"<br />
She is of course kidding... but I think she means it too!!!<br />
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I wrote my rib recipe for you in another story....<br />
<br />
You owe me man.....<br />
<br />
With regard to your ideas, I hear from all kinds, boiling is<br />
the way to go, then hit the grill. So if you want to do it that way, I say Yessir, let's use some beer! My Tri-Tip marinates in beer (other stuff) for a few days, and it really tenderizes nicely. Your dark beers are exactly the ticket, and what I prefer. I don't see how you could go wrong with the beer-oven, then hit the grill with the sauce to finish them off<br />
<br />
I'm not a big vinegar fan, it always seems that the sauces I don't like always have that base flavor.<br />
<br />
Let me know what comes of it, I would love to hear your success stories!<br />
<br />
HS<br />
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Bullseye Bold and Spicy used to be the BEST start for a BBQ sauce experiment, but the bastards stopped making it. Right now, my Favorite BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Ray's Spicy Chipotle.

thanks for the tips. I have a hard time with ribs on the barbecue, but then i am using propane (which i hate and want to get something better). I have been experimenting with mixxing barbecue sauces with dark beers and do in oven first. Some one recently told me to add more vinegar to the mix - what you think?

Man, You are alright!<br />
Appreciate the tips as I plan on doing a barbecue in the next week or so for my parents. Will definately be looking at your information or requesting some advise.<br />
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You are Completly an amazing guy!<br />

Last party I cooked ribs for 100! It was my father in-law's 60th birthday, combined with somebody else's who I can't remember! I think maybe I had too many Jack and soda's,<br />
but I do remember the WOW's from the crowd! I also smoked two turkeys for that as well, one the day before, and one that morning.<br />
<br />
Good Luck! HAVE FUN!<br />

Dia!<br />
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Go with one of these two, essentially the same. Porterhouse or T-bone. You get a NY on one side, and a small piece of Fillet on the other side. Two steaks in one! Porterhouse will have a little more fillet. If you can find a "bone in" NY, it will be the same thing if they leave enough fillet on, and it will be cheaper. Ribeye is a good choice too!<br />
<br />
Get them thick, at least 1-1/2". For rub, any grocery store "steak rub" will work just fine. I just use pepper, smidge of garlic powder, and season salt (or sea). People are ALWAYS saying, "you shouldn't put salt on before you cook them", Well I say "you're cooking them wrong then!"<br />
<br />
Fire as hot as you can (gas) or as soon as your coals are done, even 'em out and go! 3-6 minutes a side covered...<br />
NO PEEKING!!! depending on how you want them. Longer for anybody else who wanted crap instead of a steak.<br />
<br />
HS!<br />
<br />
any Q's, fire away!