I Love To Be A Dulhan Of My Bhabhi

As my bhabhi is very sexy i always tries to be its dulhan but one day it had happend to me and get a chance. One day when i am dressing as a bhabhi salwar suit with anklet, toe ring, red dark nail polish, 20-30 bangles in each hand, dark red lipstick on lips, bindi, mangtika, applied eye liner and kajal on my eyes and wearing very high heel sandal and hair clips to support my long hair. Suddenly bell ring now what to do there is no way because its not an easy task. I went to the day and asked who is it , then sound came its your bhabhi open quickly. Then i opened the door and walk inside quickly.But my bhabhi heard mermering sound of the payal, she quickly go inside and see me and told what is this, i am no voice and shiwering like anything. Bhabhi told me to come outside , i dont know what will happen. But when i come in side room then my maid is also standing in front of me . My bhabhi told me to dance in front of him and each and every time you have to suck maid toe and from maid side you will receive 20 slaps at a time, i apolize to my bhabhi but she said no, if i will not listen to her then he will pull me outside. then on the song mere haatho me nau nau choudiya hai............. i have to dance and received slaps from my maid. Then my bhabhi called a piercing lady, he pierced my nose and ear and my maid weared me heavy jumka and hevy nostick and then my bhabhi told me to my maid that from tomorrow you have not to come as he is my maid servant and i will slap him everyday and he has to listen each and every thing of its bhabhi. Then my bhabhi told me to stand outside as i have to go for shopping. Then bhabhi tuck me to beutiparlour then from there to red light area where my panis was taken out by doctor and big boobs came, then he left me in red light area where i ****** daily and my bhabhi earn from it.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

From a male you were cut up into a female to get ****** in the redlight area???