Brother & Cousin Circumcision ( Khatana)


When I was 11 years in grade five One day Dad told us tomorrow we have to go our grandparent home at their village as our cousin Sharjeel who was 16 metric result will be announced tomorrow and our grandfather to whom we says Dada G have already got their grandson result which declare him passed with A+ marks. On the day Dada G announced a celebration for him. Next day we reached there and found all family gathered at this occasion. Dad G was looks so happy that cousin was his eldest grandson and he loved him so much. As he the only boy in my uncle family and seems to next of kin for family.
There were a lot of guest at home. We all cousin were playing outside and elders were sitting in room. I found the Sharjeel whose function was going to celebrate was quit instead of happiness, I asked Gul my cousin (who is younger sister of Sharjeel, and now my sister in law after getting marriage with my brother Raheel) why he keep quit, Gul told me today he would be circumcised, I asked her what is circumcision she told that she do not know about that too. I asked Baji about circumcision, she made a lovely slap on my face and told today you will know when it happened.
During play Gul come out side and called Baji (my elder sister) to come inside I also followed both of them. And saw Sharjeel in wash room and aunt was also there and given him shower and he was standing naked in front of aunt she was rubbing soap to his all body.
Later I went for play then my cousin comes again and told in my ear that today my brother Raheel will also be circumcised Gul told me DADA G asked daddy if any boy over 10 now he should be circumcised too. As me and my cousin were a little younger so we skip game and come inside. Soon I heard mom sound calling Baji to call Raheel Bhai for shower
After a while Sharjeel come out wrap the towel around him, then aunt called my cousin sister to bring Sharjeel new dress, when she bring Sharjeel dress I followed her and entered in room where Dadi, Mom, Aunt Baji were already there. I saw Aunt was cleaning Sharjeel body. When Sharjeel saw me he asked Aunt to send both of them out as he felt shame. Aunt smile and told she are your sisters and not to shy them as from childhood you play with them and now you have to be naked in front of them after circumcision. Then he quit.
Now me and my cousin both stand and watched, we saw he was standing naked and that aunt rubbing his laps, penis, tactical and his penis was hanging. She pulled and pushed his foreskin and his pink glen exposed that gave him hard. Before push & pull his penis was looking small and hanging. Dadi point out to Aunt there was small hairs on around of his shaft. Aunt showed to Mom. Then both talk together and asked Baji to called Dada G and uncle. I and Gul was standing at door, Uncle and Dada G come inside when they saw us looked angry why girls were standing, aunt told them there were some hairs both saw that and smile and left outside in living room.
When Mom saw me she become angry and called me to call Raheel to take shower. I went outside and told Raheel Bhai that Mom calling him to take shower. Raheel with happiness come in side I followed him and back in room where Sharjeel and others were sitting.
Mom asked Bhai let go to wash room I have to give you shower he replied he will do himself, Mom told him NO and today she will gave him shower, she hold his hand and took him to washroom, at door she takeoff his shirt and short, Mom took Raheel in wash room and called Baji to give soap, I went inside and saw Bhai was nude and Mom was cleaning his legs and gave soap to Mom and told Baji busy with aunt. Mom pull push his foreskin and his pink glans come out and hide. When Bhai saw me he shouted why you are standing here I moved a little. Mom called again I went inside Mom asked me to bring towel. I bring towel. Mom wrap towel around Bhai.  
After shower Bhai come out a towel was around him Sharjeel was there too. I saw Sharjeel was standing quiet and thinking he wore a shirt and wrap a red sheet around his body. Mom pulled down Raheel Bhai towel and every one kept eyes on his small ****, Bhai was feeling shy, Mom clean him all and asked aunt and Dadi to check, Dadi took his penis in hand and check carefully and said OK, then Mom gave him dress to wear,
After a while Dada G called bring the children in living room, where already other family members were sitting. Meanwhile all other children who were playing outside also come in, every one congratulate Sharjeel for his Matric result and gave money to him, thereafter Sharjeel cut a cake which took everyone.
After a while door knocked Dada G went. Circumciser was on door. Dada G brings him in. He sat on side and fixed his tools. I saw he took out a leather piece and cutter and made sharp on that leather piece he check the sharpness of cutter with his finger. We all watch him carefully. After that he asked Dada G who will be circumcised Dada G point Sharjeel. Circumciser called him, he went to him, Circumciser took Sharjeel shirt up, pin and asked him to hold it, he did as he advised, than the man opened knot of his sheet and kept on side and check his penis. Sharjeel face was worried. Now everyone can saw his **** he was standing nude and his **** was hanging foreskin covered his glen which was earlier exposed
Circumciser instructed Sharjeel to say hi to DADA G, Sharjeel says Hi to DADA G, Dada G spread his hand on Sharjeel penis and head which now again in jerk position. Then he went to Dadi, Aboo, and Uncle Aunt. Then Circumciser advised him to sit on chair which was already there then Circumciser called uncle and I saw uncle and Aboo come forward. Then guy asked DADA G for permission and DADA G nodded his head gave permission. I saw Sharjeel face become yellow looked fear and every one kept quit. I saw Aunt and cousins eyes become wet and looks they will wept any time.
Then circumciser marked on his penis, put something on and pull his foreskin forward and hold skin with a bamboo clump, now he was in position that his foreskin cannot go back. Then circumciser took his cutter and asked uncle to hold him, both Aboo & uncle hold him tightly the circumciser keep down his cutter along with bamboo clump and slice the foreskin.
As circumciser spread his cutter and slices his foreskin Sharjeel cry loudly meanwhile Circumciser made bandage and asked him to pass urine.  Circumciser asked Sharjeel to pass urine he did as circumciser advised. After a while Circumciser asked Dada G to check, Dada G nodded his head Then Aboo and uncle both pick him and keep him on bed. Thereafter everyone congratulate to him and Dada G, Dadi Uncle and aunt for his Circumcision.
After a while Circumciser asked permission to go, Dada G asked him to wait and show his hand toward Bhai for circumcision, As Bhai listen he cry and wept and try to run out from the room but Aboo hold his hand. Circumciser called Bhai to come, he cried a lot. Then Aboo who was holding Bhai stand up and took him near the circumciser. Circumciser kept his shirt up and asked him to hold, Bhai did not listen than Aboo took off his shirt and opened knot of his sheet which he wrap, Now Bhai was totally naked and every one was watching. Bhai was weeping a lot and his penis hardness finish and was thrilling.
Than Uncle sat on chair and hold Bhai on his laps put his hands under Bhai laps and hold hands tightly, spread his legs. Now Bhai was in position he cannot move. I become a little forward I saw Bhai was weeping and crying, the guy push and pull back Bhai foreskin and mark on his **** and put some medicine on it, than he took out a bamboo clip and fix on skin, Now Bhai foreskin under grip of clip. Then he asked permission from Dada G, he waved his head. I saw Mom and Baji eyes were wet I also looks sad. Then guy took out his cutter and slice his cutter along with bamboo clip. As he slice the skin Bhai cry a lot but he could not out uncle grip. I saw blood come out that guy put something on Bhai **** and blood stop. Then guy asked Dad to give him some water. Dad gave him water, Bhai drink than he asked Bhai to pass urine and Bhai did and some of urine went on circumciser who was near to him.
Circumciser saw Dada G for appreciation; DADA G replied well than uncle hold Bhai and gave him next bed to Cousin. Then Mom come near to Bhai and kiss him, every one coagulated him for circumcision.
Thereafter the guy asked permission from Dada G that as he has to finished the work can he go. When the guy was ready to left Dada G gave him a lot of money and sweet. Meanwhile maid who worked in kitchen come out and asked Dada G for her son circumcision, Dada G allowed her and asked Guy to do. She went inside and brings her boy and guy circumcises him. The child was just around a year he cries a lot, she took her shirt and gave her one breast nipple in his mouth, and after a while he kept quiet. I saw Dadi saw her angrily when maid took her shirt up and her nipples were exposed to everyone there.
After that lunch was served all guest took lunch and way to home only our family left there due to brother. At night Aunt and Mom sat beside Bhai and Baji Gul and I sat near Sharjeel, Grand mother told if any one move their leg try to stop that.
When he moved his leg both held his legs, if he touches his penis both hold his hands, I Baji & cousins sat beside Sharjeel to hold their hands & legs. So as it all night passed. Morning I saw Sharjeel penis was standing but due to bandage it not get fully erected. Mom advised Sharjeel get up & passes urine. Baji & I helped Sharjeel to get up; we took him to wash room where he passed urine.
Next day the circumciser come at 10.00 AM first he opened bandage of Sharjeel, put some warm water made bandage soft that made a little pain to Sharjeel and made a new bandage than he went back to his bed and laid. When he walked back we saw he put all his weight on his one legs and change load on other leg. He advised to take complete rest for two days and not walk that make him heal up fast.
Than circumciser opened bandage of Raheel, Raheel cry a lot and try to escape the circumciser pull bandage fast that made Bhai hurt a lot and then made a new bandage some bleeding come out, the circumciser went to Dada G and talked him secretly, Dada G come to Bhai and see his penis carefully and advised mom to put some sheet on and do not left naked.
Next day the circumciser came first he opened bandage of Sharjeel & told tomorrow one more than he will be no need further bandage.
Then he turns to Raheel whose bandage was again stick due to blood the circumciser opened bandage slowly and on side he chat with Aboo & uncle. Both come forward and hold Raheel tightly again then the circumciser pulls back his foreskin again which come down. He cry a lot, no one care about his crying & weeping, the circumciser told Raheel he cry more he will cut all penis, and then he could not pass pee.
Next day guy come to change bandage of Sharjeel and gave congratulation to Aunt and told circumcision was done properly and circumcision scar was nice and beautiful. If he made one more bandage he heel up fast. Sharjeel says do, all of us smiled. Then he made bandage of Bhai and today Bhai not cry as usual and change his bandage quietly.
Next day he comes again and this time he first changes of Bhai bandage then open Sharjeel bandage. Then he hold Sharjeel penis and push and pull his shaft and told uncle to check, Now his penis visible and his front glen can be seen now. Then the guy two three time spread his hand on Sharjeel penis and I saw his penis got jerk. Aunt and Mom kept their faces down while Baji cousin and me were watching, then Mom anger and said it shame for all you girls and go outside and play. There after uncle told Sharjeel that now he circumcised and he should took shower himself. He further advises him to cover. Then Aunt replied today I will give him last shower, uncle kept quit and left the room.
Thereafter he left to wash room and we girls cousins followed him, Mom saw us and said make shame to saw him we all together replied only today. Mom left and sit beside brother for his care and we all cousin entered in wash room where Aunt was given him shower, we saw Sharjeel **** was erect fully Aunt was App ling soap and gave shower to him clean his ****. After shower she kiss him on his face and a little on his ****.
When shower finished he entered nude in room Aunt advised him from today don’t swim at canal or tube well nude and wear short nor become nude in front of any one if, and show penis as its belong to someone, he asked what and Aunt kept her face down with shame. Than aunt gave him new dress and get blessing from Dada G. he kissed him and asked Sharjeel to show him how its looks now after circumcision. Sharjeel become shy and Dada G pull down his shalwar and spread his hand and advised to take care of and clean shave him
3 days later Bhai also become fit and he wear new dress and Dada G kiss him and told if first day he was circumcised calmly then no problem happened for further 3 days and no boy can be left without circumcision. Now both of you wear dress and never become necked in presence of others. When we back from Dada G home after Bhai circumcision than dad call Mom and Bhai in room and when Bhai come out his face looks worried and sad. That a separate topic which I told you later.
Later with I got married with my Sharjeel at wedding night I requested him do not tease me otherwise I will asked Dad G to call Circumciser to circumcise him and he will be on bed again for a week, Sharjeel replied see who will on bed for a week and really I on bed many days and cannot walk properly.
Brother Checkup
After coming back it come to know that Dad took Bhai to Dr. for checkup. Baji and I were worried about Bhai what happened to him although he got circumcised just less than 10 days. Baji asked Mom what happened to Bhai, Mom never replied. So the time passes like this. When any Dr. met with Dad or Mom they discussed regarding Bhai and when Baji or I try to enter in their talk Mom kept quit. We both worried about Bhai.
When Bhai was in his Matric one day our aunt come to our home with her daughter who is also Dr. Api. They come to invite us on Api Marriage, and she was going to marry with a Doctor too. (Later Baji was married with Api Bhai younger brother) At night as usual Bhai topic was again discussed as a Dr. was now at home. Api told she will check first than be she have some guide line.
At morning when Dad left for office Mom requested Bhai for checkup, Bhai replied that he would not become naked in front of everyone. Mom replied that she your cousin and now Dr. and others aunt, please do not shy. Mom kissed Bhai and requested once more please for today and she will never asked again in future. And she is not cutting than why you afraid off. He replied he felt shame to become naked in front of everyone. Than Mom asked his go in room pull down short and cover with bed sheet. She will check under bed sheet and kept a pillow on your eyes. You will not able to know she is watching. Than Mom get up hold Bhai hand and went to room. After a while Mom come out. Than Api get up than her mother Baji followed both of them and at last I follow them too.  When we enter we saw Bhai was lying and his eyes were covered with a towel and his short was on side seems he naked.
Than Dr. Api called Bhai that she is taking sheet for checkup, she removed bed sheet. His penis was soft and it became bigger. I saw it after 3 three years earlier I saw when he was circumcised. Dr. Api asked Mom to bring some oil and paper towel. She told Bhai that she will put some oil and touch.
Mom gets up and loudly called Baji to bring some oil and paper towel. Baji get up and went out to bring the stuff.  Bhai worried and told now Baji will come in side. Mom told him she is your elder sister does not be shy with her. Bhai asked Mom go outside and if she found someone on street called and show. Baji knock the door Bhai angrily called her come in side.
Dr. Api put oil on Bhai **** and slowly massage his **** and tactical. I saw Bhai penis got erect then she push and pull his penis. Bhai put his feet on other and move his feet. Bhai told that he felt pee, Api advised her to hold pee and not to pass on bed. Bhai penis was in full jerk than Bhai told he cannot stop pee now and it may be come any time. Api than hold his ***** and press tightly and asked Baji to give her a paper towel.  She spread all paper towels around his tower. So that urine may not fell down. Than Api removed her hand from his ***** all urine come on her hand and that urine was thick. Thereafter she cheek Bhai tactical and asked him if he had ever done pee like this. Bhai replied no. Than Api told, Mom that she had checked. Then she advised Bhai to take shower and clean all then we all come Mom gave short to Bhai than she also come out.
Mom advised Baji to take Api wash room to wash her hands I also followed both of them. Baji asked Api what problem Bhai have. Dr. Api told that every boy has two tactical under and he has only one. Meanwhile I watched I saw Dr. Api keep her dirty hand in her mouth and lick, when she lick again than Baji told her that Api your hands are dirty first batter to wash them. Dr. Api smile and put one figure in Baji mouth and asked her to taste. Baji say no it is dirty, Dr. Api says just try and put her figure in Baji mouth. Baji told that it salts’. Dr. Api asked like that taste?  Baji keep quite.  Dr. Api told Baji that now you are in age of marriage and you should keep that taste, she open tab and going to wash her hand than Baji hold Api hand and lick her all hand Dr. Api asked her if she got some taste, Baji replied yes. There after she washed her hand and we back to living room.
When Bhai come out after wearing his short, he saw me and Baji his face become red with shyness He try to left room than Dr. Api stood and hold his hand and asked him to sit down, She told why shy with us. One is your mom and others are your sisters and I am Dr. and I saw a lot of boys naked and other is my Mom like your Mom. Bhai sat with her and kept his eyes down. She told him when you at home try not to wear underwear let it hang when possible push tactical down. She smile and appreciate that circumcision done perfectly and circumcision scar was beautifully done and now it a big too. After listening Bhai stand up and left the living room.
The Dr. Api told Mom when he was younger if push back at that time it will drop down at it proper place now if there massage daily than it get down. Then Mom asked if it effect on childbirth, and he can make peg rent. Dr. Api told that she checked ***** is produce and come out with it pressure. So don’t worry about that. If you like you can’t get his ***** test make sure. Try to make massage and advised him to wear dhoti avoid underwear. Otherwise operation if it not came down.
May 15, 2013