Cross Dressing In A Wedding Dress

My favourite cross dressing experience is to dress in a white satin wedding dress with a white wedding veil, white nylon stockings, white nylon bra and white shoes. It's a great sensation to be dressed in a wedding dress - it's the ultimate cross dressing experience! I live alone so I can dress in my wedding dress whenver I want. When dressed I just like to pass the time as usual - cooking, watching television, surfing the internet etc etc.
daviesjackie14 daviesjackie14
5 Responses Oct 14, 2010

Very nice dress. You look so good, Honey.

so glad u like my dress

if i culd I would..

so glad u like my wedding dress

Great looking dress. Must be wonderful to be all dressed up like a bride. Just real beautiful.

so glad u like my wedding dress

jackie you look lovely, bomberboy i just bought one on ebay, only cost £40

so glad you like my wedding dress

Glad you like my wedding dress.<br />
<br />