I Love My Feminine Side

It started for me when i was about 5 or 6. the first time I did it I got caught and got a hell of a hiding, so I knew it was BAD. But I couldn't stop it. It took years, two breakdowns and lots of psychoanalysis to stop the guilt. Now, I love it and so does my fiancee. She buys me clothes; she's even made me a gorgous pale lavender satin nightie to sleep in!

Most of the time I'm happy in a bloke role, but I feel no guilt or shame when I want to 'slip into something more comfortable'. Most of the time for me it's just wearing feminine clothes around the home. Sometimes I need to go the whole hog and shave my legs and body - I do adore the sensation of freshly shaved legs sheathed in sheer nylons and the swish of skirts - and do the whole make-up thang. And occasionally I like to get out, maybe to a club or party, sometimes at SWAMP (any SWAMPers out there?).

I am unashamedly bisexual and I love being cross-dressed when I'm with a guy - even better with another TV! I'd love to get to know a few other bi-TV's, especially in the Bristol or Cornwall areas of the UK.

56-60, T
Feb 13, 2010