I Am Loved....

My husband loves me so, so much. He would move heaven and earth for me if he could...I have had this whole adult life of use and abuse that I don't know how to love him back. I have become so tainted from anger and hatred, that I purposefully do things to hurt him as if to drive him away...as if to show him the worst of me. Yet he stays.... he has given me love, a home, my children that aren't his, a home and his love..what do I give back...pretended infidelity...lude messages to his family that are so incredible to have accepted me into their homes and my children as theirs....I am alone because I have pushed all those that I love away....even my children have now gone to their dad far, far away...They can't carry my baggage for me! I am loved so very much, I think I don't know what to do with the love that I get, I have to deal with it the same way...anger and hatred

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

seems your husband is a light to us all I think when women get a good man they abuse them treat them like cr4p but if you was in a abusive relationship the foot would be on the other shoe its strange human behaviour.