Yes, Because I Never Am. ...

Yes, because I never am. I've never had a room to my own and rarely have time for myself to concentrate on stuff I like, like drawing or chilling out to music. I can't even talk to friends without someone listening on my conversations. On some days, the toilet or bathroom are the only places I can be alone and actually think.
lupin136 lupin136
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 12, 2007

lol i know that feeling lol, as nomaly when my son is in bed im so busy running round trying to clean and stuff before he wakes up or doing stuff for friends that i dont have chance to get a minuet to myself then so i often take a good book with me to the bathroom, and then sit there on the toilet till me legs or bum lol start going dead. which is normally about half an hour. <br />
everyone makes a joke of it now if a friend rings and my hubby tells her i am in the loo, she's like oh god thats it we're never going to to her again lol. <br />
im not that bad, but i dont see why i should hurry in there when its the only peace and quite i get, and i dont even get it in there sometimes as the dogs, and cats like to follow you, now my jack i dont mind so much as he'll lay down quietly as he follows me everywhere lol, but the rest of them are hulligons lol.