Love It

I'm on a roll... I hardly ever interact with people at work, so that's at least 8 (sometimes 9) hours a day of alone time... then I get home and I hang out with myself - I live with 6 other people, but I'll hide out in my room instead of seeking their company.  It's been 3 days of this and I couldn't wit to get home tonight so I could take a bath and have a glass of wine by myself.  I have good friends but I schedule them in so I don't have more than like 3 social arrangements in a week, and I have a sweetheart but I only see her on the weekends, which is how we both want it.

I'm not always like this, sometimes I'll go through a social phase but then I get overwhelmed quickly and need to recouperate by spending lots of quality alone time.  Or sometimes I go through phases where the idea of being alone makes me anxious - but this is pretty predictable, it happens when there's something else going on in my life, like a breakup or illness or family drama. 

I guess my point is that I feel like this should be a problem, but I'm really quite happy and well - adjusted.  I'm working on not fretting about it, I really think that western culture forces us into being overly social, especially if it's not our nature to do so.  So embrace your solitary nature, if that's the way you roll.  It's difficult but ultimately super rewarding.

onetwothree onetwothree
22-25, T
Feb 23, 2010