I Love Being Forced To Take In The ***.

I was 9 years old the first time it happened and until i was 14 it happened at least 4 times a week. Sometimes there would be 4 or 5 men varied ages who would do it to me.

By the time I was 11 years old i craved for it and would actively seek this pleasure and domination. Condoms were never used and i would often go home with it dripping from my ***.

At 14 this changed i was playing allot of sport and like most teenagers was always aroud my mates. The desire never left me.

Then about 15 I was looking for anything i could get as far as sex would go didn't matter girls or men, pleasure came but it was random. I found it hard to keep a girlfriend until i was about 22 but at the same time i start to venture to a known beat not far from where i lived.

I would wear lingerie underneath my clothes and then when there would find a place and ***** down to my lingerie and walk around. I would get grabbed by much older men taken into the bush and was forced to take it bareback. It would be uncomfortable at the start but then it started to feel good, often when one man had finished another would take his place and i would be on my knees for sometimes more them an hour.

Once the time started i would remain at the beat letting men drag me off into the bush and raping my ***. On occassions i would meet guys not much older then me a pair, they would want me at the same time. The first time this happened i didn't realise they were both going to be in me at the same time, it was painful and it damaged me. Before it could heal properly though it happened again so it then didn't heal at all.

Now at 46 i find myself wanting to be with labyboys or an intersex woman.
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Lucky you i have been trying to get raped since i was 14 and nothing. Now i'm 31 i will probably never get this done it's so painful i can't stand it i want to get kidnapped-raped but nothing i have been in dark places up dark roads and even tonight i ******** naked up the hillside at 20:00 just like other times i did that and still nothing so your lucky but me :( not so much.

Can I be 1