This group isn't meant to insult anyone who has been subjected to a terrifying rape ordeal.  I know about violation first hand, because I was once date raped, anally - he didn't ask permission, he didn't even lube up properly, just piled in.  And when I said "stop, it hurts!" he wouldn't.  Afterwards he didn't seem to understand what he'd done wrong!

But that's not what this is about. 

It's true that now and then it comes back to me vividly in dreams and I wake up in a panic, fighting back tears like I was that night.  But then the present day kicks in, and my brain deals with it the way it deals with other traumas.  The only way it knows how - automatically turn it into a thrill, another masturbatory fantasy of being taken and used.

So this is for the women who enjoy controlled anal rape roleplay, and the ones who take it a little further, the "do-me girls" who go out and dice with danger.  If Galanga is out there, her stories of making herself vulnerable inspired me to create this.  If you're a woman who can get into that willing victim headspace and surrender your *** to a "madman" with an "angry penis", that's what this group is about.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

My first introduction to EP was to Galanga's profile by a guy who I had contacted to "rape" me. Thanks for making this distinction clear. To all the people who think liking forced scenarios is wrong,...you have never experienced what it's like to reclaim your power by deriving pleasure from what previously terrified you.

I dont get it, so it wasn't a bad experience? wasn't traumatic? cuz I´ve seen in your profile that you fantasize about being raped again...how could another raped woman understand your position?