I Have A Lot Of Secrets I Keep To Myself ...

And I've found that EP is the best place to share those secrets.  My real-life friends and family would never understand some of the things I'm going through, but I still need to vent sometimes.  I'm really happy I found EP, because I can vent all I want anonymously!  

Plus, I can find people who relate to my insanity, which is nice for a change.  The people I care about in my real life are hiding just as much as I am.  We all do that, in real life.  But, here we can all be open and free ... like a bunch of happy lunatics :)  LOL! 

hauntedgrrl hauntedgrrl
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

The anonymity is what makes EP so great.... we are freer to share our secrets this way!!!!