Its Quiet And Scary But I Just Love To Be Awake At Night

The first thing my friends and my parents find it odd , is me staying awake in the night. They feel that its something abnormal to go to bed late .. yes i do agree its not the healthiest thing to do .. but i just love the calmness , the eeriness and the darkness associated with it.. i go to bed at 2am and wake up by 9am..
My family doctor adviced me to change this habit cuz she said " you are changing your biological clock", hey but i dont mind that .. i dont suffer from insomnia or anything its just that i am a NIGHT BIRD ..
Some people dont understand this but i just feel different to stay awake and go to bed late after watching a movie or a nice show on tv..
And i love snacking at bed time ( though its a very bad habit)..
The best part about staying awake when every one else sleeps is you hear every little sound around you.
MY best experience while staying awake was once we had an EARTHQUAKE here in chennai,India..
it was around 1am and i was in my bed texting my friend... suddenly the bed started to shake... The first thing that crossed my mind was Is IT A GHOST shaking my bed ?? so i kneeled down and looked under my bed .. then turned on the lights looked again HEHEHE
then i switched on the tv and found it on the news that there was a mild tremor..
My friends ,neighbours ,collegus all were fast asleep and i was the only one awake to actually FEEL it ..
So staying awake has its perks u know, u get to have a lot of minor scary experiences..
crazyfoggs crazyfoggs
Nov 28, 2011