My Husband Shares Me With His Friends

My husband had two friends over one Saturday night and the commercial came on TV about the girls with the full figures wearing Playtex bras. You know the one I"m talking about? Oh how I envy those girls! Anyway, those guys were saying they did not like such big boobs and they preferred girls with smaller boobs. Then one said to me, "not to insult you or anything Tracy but I like girls with smaller ones like yours." I wasn't real sure how to take that but I accepted it as a compliment. Then he said he would love to see mine sometime if he ever got the chance right in front of my husband. We both were a little surprised at that but considering those guys had been drinking beer, I guess it was normal. So I looked at my husband as if to ask what he thought and he nodded his head that it was OK. I was wearing a long t-shirt with panties and no bra. I knew they could see my nipples but I figured it would not be too sexy just to raise my shirt up so I asked them to excuse me. I got up and went to our bedroom. I took my t-shirt off and the panties I had on at that time since they weren't very sexy. Then I put on the sexiest bra I had which is a slightly see-thru type and a pair of white silk thong panties which have a red bow on the front near the crotch. I walked back in the living room and stood right in front of them. My husband was on another sofa which is at a 90 degree angle to the one his friends were on. I thought they were going to **** or go blind!!!! Both of them got immeditate hard-ons!!! I think they had no idea I would look like this when I came back. And they were speechless. I asked them if the cat had their tongues and they still couldn't answer. Finally, one guy said, "God Almighty, you are beautiful!" I asked if they had seen enough and they both said NO. So I slowly took my bra off so they could see my little boobs naked. My nipples were good and hard by then but I still rubbed them a little bit just to make them more excited. One guy had light colored jeans on and I could see a big precum spot coming up on them. Then I said that was it and I would go back and put my regular clothes back on and the one guy said he loved that bow on my panties. So I reached down and rubbed the bow some and that really drove them crazy. By now I could see the precum spot on the guy with the dark colored jeans too. One said he sure would like to see what was behind that bow. I looked over at my husband as if to ask his approval and he motioned to me like whatever I wanted to do. So I slowly slid the panties down in the front just so they could see my bush. I was pretty hairy at that time so I pulled my lips apart so they could see my **** and my *****. Well that did it! The one guy looked at my husband and said he was going to have to pull his **** and and jack off right there. He said he hoped my husband didn't mind but he couldn't help it. Then the other guy said he really needed to do that too. So my husband looked at them and said he could stand to do the same thing. So all three of them got their dicks out and started rubbing and tugging on them, slowly at first. I went ahead and took my panties all the way off. Then I sat down on the coffee table in front of his friends and spread my legs so they could see inside my love canal. Occasionally, I moved to the right so my husband could see it too. I loved watching those three guys playing with their dicks. But the inevitable question then came up. Where were they going to squirt their loads? I asked them if they all wanted condoms to catch their *** and they said no. So I suggested that they pull their shirts off and let it fly on their tummies. But then my husband suggested that I catch the loads..................with my *****! Well, since it was his suggestion, I agreed to do it. So I got up and asked the friend who had the smallest **** if he wanted to dispose of his load in me and he said, "hell yeah!!!!" I asked if he was ready to lose it now and he again said, "hell yeah!!!!!!" He leaned back on the sofa and I climbed on top of him and sat down on his **** and I began pumping him. This guy could not believe how good I felt inside and how tight my ***** was. He said he was afraid he wouldn't last too long and I told him that was fine. I humped him for about two minutes and he let go. He let out a very loud moan and I could feel his hot *** squirting inside me. I reached around behind me and massaged his balls just to make sure he drained every drop of *** out. I leaned forward and gave him a serious French kiss and then I got up. I moved over to the other guy who had a big ****. I couldn't wait to sit down on this one. He was uncircumcised too which is a huge preference of mine. I told him to pull his foreskin as far forward as it would go. He asked why and I told him that was so he could feel it slide down when my tight ***** started going down on him. He did that and I got on top of him and sat down on it. As he began trying to guide his **** in, he was having a hard time getting it started. I asked what was wrong and he told me I was so tight that he wasn't sure he could get his **** in me. I told him to let the expert take care of that. I slid his **** back and forth thru my crack with all of the ***** juice and the *** from the first guy. All the while I was putting pressure on his **** against my ***** and suddenly, it started in!! I took my time sliding down in it and I could feel his foreskin sliding down with me. He looked at me and said, "God, that is the best feeling I have ever had on my **** in my whole life." I slid all the way down on it and began humping him. He was very handsome too so this was getting to be a wonderful experience for me. I couldn't resist so I just began kissing him furiously. This caused him to begin pumping my ***** too while I was humping his ****. We both were really into it now. We were banging away at each other. He was playing with my boobs too. This was getting very intense so he looked at me and asked if I thought I could *** and I told him I was very close to it and he said he was too. I could vaguely hear the cheers of my husband and his friend I had just ******. I looked over at his friend and he was hard again and playing with his **** watching us intently. I looked over at my husband and he had quit rubbing his ****. I knew he was afraid he was going to shoot before I got over to him to **** him. But he was still hard as a rock. And his **** was jumping. That is what it does when he is at his horniest. I began kissing this guy some more and that finally did it. I could feel a HUGE ****** coming on and then it felt like an earthquake hit. My ***** just poured white female ***. I then felt him *** in me. It was very hot and a very strong squirting force. I reached around behind me and squeezed his nuts too to get all of that good *** out of them. He was totally spent. He just laid back on the sofa and told me that was the best **** he had ever had. I slowly got up off of his **** and went over to my husband. I asked him if he wanted to put on a show for them and he said yes. So I turned him longways on the sofa and I got in front of him, leaned over with my butt in the air and began sucking his ****. I went all the way to his pubic hairs with my mouth and began going up and down on it. The first guy was hard again as I had said so he asked if he could go back inside me while I sucked my husband off. My husband said for him to go for it and he got on the sofa and slid his **** right inside me again and began ******* away. After a while, I could feel my husband's balls tightening up and I knew he was about ready. I really wanted to let him *** in me but I hated to ask his friend to pull out so I decided to let it play out however it did. As I looked over at the other sofa, the other guy was hard again and jacking off watching me getting ****** and sucking my husband. I could tell I was about to ***, I knew my husband was getting close to it too so I decided to speed things up for the guy ******* me. I started squeezing my ***** muscles. That did the trick. In no time, I could hear him moaning and could feel his *** squriting inside me. That made me *** and when my husband heard me *******, he cummed in my mouth. Then I heard the guy on the other sofa moaning so I looked over at him and his *** was flying everywhere!!! Wow, damn, all four of us had cummed at the same time. Being the good girl that I am, I got up and went in the bathroom and got some wet wash cloths and came back in the living room and wiped their dicks and balls off for them. Those guys looked at me and said I was an amazing woman. One guy said if all women were like me, there would be no Erectile Dysfunction in the world! So I reached down and kissed each one of his friends again and they both said again that was the best sex and the tightest ***** each of them had ever had. Then they told my husband he is a very lucky man. He agreed 100% and told them he gets to have experiences like that all the time. And I told them all just to think that if it had not been for that Playtex commercial, we might not have ever experienced such a wonderful time. They agreed!
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Wow amazing story

wonderfull experience..... I would like to have one of those!!

Now, that's an experience! mmfm.


Amazing story!!! Add me please.

That was a very hot story! Please add.

good but ur fist one was u can take a fist in u if u want hu.ever do it yourself

most i ever got was 4 ans i was working on getting my thumb in,as she opening up 4 my was a a friends of mine as we hooked up in my buddies bathroom,i had been fingering her 4 about ten min.working on on getting it(her *****)to open up.when people started knocking on the door as i told them go away.we would be out in 10or 15 min

thank you star
great story
makes me hard every time

Did you have double penetration, I was hoping that would happened in the story. By they reading your story help me got hard and *** very hard thanks.

Now thats what I call a great nite of beer drinking! You are the f'ucking best!

have you had sex w any of the guys just 1 on 1 or is it only a group thing?

Great story! I would love to have an experience like this.

very hot - does your hubby need another friend

sounds like you have another story from last night

can't wait to here about it

that was awesome. was that the first time you did anything like that? have you done anything like that again? nice view of your butt. can I se more pics?

Well now Tracy, I was gonna wait to see yr pics but reading this story tops mine by 100% I had my **** out and was spanking it as hard as I could I wanted to suck your tiny boobs as I love small boobs so much better n your thick ***** hair OH YES I swear had I been there I would have gone down on you and licked n sucked every drop of *** from them
I just ********** all over my tummy n licked it up thinking it was you

You bring out the best in me Tracy, for you there is no limit

I just love a really tight *****! Hot story!

Such a hot story thanks!

LOve this story, bet your husbands friends want to *** over all the time now............

I love this story! So horny and I love the fact that your husband's enjoying every bit too/ Great girl!

Certainly can't blame them for wanting another chance to enjoy your hot body you naughty girl.

Damn it's gone like a rock in my pants... Does your husband need any more mates? You spund like one hot, hot woman. ;-) xx


those lucky bastards<br />
you are amazing

Great story, I wish I had been there

I came twice reading the story.... thaNKS for sharing with us

Absolutely great story. Would drive me nuts thinking I couldnt repeat it, every time I would think about it.

what a hot story! I love it when my wife exposes herself to other men

I'm hard as we speak. I would like for you to look at wife's pics in new years eve album and give your nasty comments on each.

Wow! I haven't had my first coffee today,but I'm up! lol

Of course you did.Thank you.:)

Super hot story, thanks for sharing.

Wowo very sexy story yout Hubby is one Lucky Man

Ill bet hie does I would love to be your friend

Awesome story! Can't wait read more of yours!

DAMN!!! That is one hell of a hot and erotic story. I would love nothing better to have you feel my foreskin sliding back as I entered you. It is so nice to know there are women out there that prefer and uncut guy. Thanks for your story. I hope we can be friends and chat more about your appreciation for uncut *****. I have lots of pics.

I will send you a private message with my email address. You can write me and I will send more pics. You must have seen the ones on my profile page

Very juicy.

Ummmm........... You were right!!!!!!! Loved it wow!!!!!! Can't wait for more;-) thanks

great story. damn that was hot. I can tell you really enjoied them, your husband is very lucky to have you. I know how hot it is to watch the wife ******* their friends in front of them. Hope you to have many good no great times ******* the friends over ans over. My friends love to come over and **** my wife

Pure passion! Pure desire! Pure lust! Pure satisfaction! Pure bliss!


Unplanned are the best how I got my surprised mfm 3some, awesome

Thanks for that wonderful erotic story! Great to hear you are able to share these with hubby and he enjoys you sharing you body and fun with him this way.<br />
<br />
May you have many more pleasurable and satisfying fun with others!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing!

Nothing better than being free about sexual pleasure, showing your body to others is great fun and if then desires come up, just use your wonderful sex organs. We also like to do so whenever possible and found this a highly stimulating example! In swinger clubs you can live out such passion as much as you like.

Omg this is sooooo hotttt. Sorry that I missed the fun with you, but your story had led to me ******* several times already :)

wow. wow. wow<br />
<br />
what an amazing story - I can't wait to read more