Hot Springs

For a nice leisure weekend, I took my then gf to a nudest hot springs which also had individual cabins which you could rent for the weekend.

We had previously talked about, but with much reservation from her of wanting & willingness to try alternative lifestyle. 

Long story short: But in the hot springs toward sundown,  she flirted with another well hung guy.  He approached her,  embraced with her, then
led her by hand to his cabin.

After a bit, I went back to our cabin with racing thoughts of how she was with him, and eventually falling asleep, but not sleeping soundly.

After some time 5-6 hours I was awaking hearing her open the cabin door.  Opening my eyes,  there she stood in the doorway, with the moonlit sky
in the background.  I could clearly see her very petite silhouette in the doorway with her back facing toward me as she embraced the stud. The
moonlite reflected off the wetness running down her legs.

That is something I can be awoken to any time of day!

Part 2 to follow if, anyone is interested!

your comments and input appreciated
iowaguy91 iowaguy91
41-45, M
May 13, 2012