His Need...

I had gone to bed at 8:30 pm the other night after a long day at work, my husband volunteering to work the p.m. shift. My "friend with benefits" stopped by on his way home from work and took me somewhat quickly, having to get him to his wife. I'd been asleep for about 3 or 4 hours, a panty liner in my underwear to catch the leaking ***** from his desperate sex.

I awoke to my husbands hardness against my hip, he sucking on my breast. "I need you," he whispered to me. Groggily, I pulled of my panties, spread my legs. He groaned as he pushed into me. "You're already wet!" he said. "Somebody got here before you," I replied. "His ***** is swimming in my womb" I let him know as I began to wake more fully. "Oh my God, you've been slutting again!" he whispered in my ear as his thrusts became more desperate. "He came a LOT inside of me" I told him, "Do you think you can *** more?"

With a few more thrusts, my loving husband grunted, pushed deep inside of me and pumped. "Thank you, my love, for ******* in me" I told him, as I turned my back on him, pushing my wet butt up against him and drifted off to sleep.
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just love the thought of you full of mixed ***** - you're quite a girl

Another sweet story...

nice **** u r