Returning The Favor

Many times, I've woken up during the night to find my hubby between my legs, either eating me out or pushing his hard **** inside me. I must say it is a lovely way to be awakened. I remember the first time I woke him up..

It was around 5 am. I woke up extremely horny, and I needed the **** ASAP. My ***** was swollen, throbbing and wet, and I was on a mission. Hubby was sleeping peacefully. I tried waking him up, but no avail. I pulled the sheet down that covered him and exposed his ****. I took him in my hands and began to stroke him up n down. Slowly he came alive in my hands, growing in length and width. I placed my lips on the tip, and started sucking and licking, placing small kisses up n down his ****. Hubby made a groaning noise in his sleep, raising his hips. By now his **** was rock hard, covered in my saliva and my ***** was dripping wet. I fingered myself for a moment, then straddled hubby and slid his **** inside me. My ***** gripped his ****, finally I was getting what I wanted, sexual relief. I began to rock my hips, grinding and undulating on his ****. Hubby was moaning now, he thrust his hips up, pushing even deeper inside me. I let out a moan, then leaned down n whispered in his ear, "good morning papi" hubby licked my ear, gripped my *** and gave a good hard thrust. "Good morning to you baby" and we proceeded to have a VERY good morning indeed ;)
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if his bladder is full that's painful

Very hot! The world needs more people waking up horny.

OMG, I love to be woken up for sex with my interracial husband. I am white and he is black. I just love when black men wake me up for sex. I am so addicted to sex and cannot do without it. I never say no to him either.

I woke my ex like that an alarm clock

Oh yeah!

thats hot.


de nada

Nice! Like ur style!


I too love to be woken by a penis nosing its way between my thighs. I have also backed into a few sleeping woodies. It is such a fun way to wake up your man!

I agree! :)

What a great way to wake up.;-)

Yes indeedy

that souns fucken nice way to wake up

Ohhhh yeah!

Nice hot story. I have done that to my gf before and she said we needed to do that more offen.Nothing like a good wet ***** to get you going. or in your case a hard ****.Way to go I think it keeps your relationship stronger.

Thanks! Good for you n gf I think it helps keep the spark going too. :)

Dreamed of the mrs waking me up like this!

Awesome you should encourage her to do so