Barefooted Boy

I SO love to be barefoot! The very first thing I do when I get home every day is take off my shoes and socks. The burst of air hitting my bare feet is a pleasure I look forward to anytime I am forced to wear shoes. I am always barefoot in the house and when the weather is warm, you'll find me enjoying life as a barefooted boy.

BarefootedBoy BarefootedBoy
2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

That's one of the first things I do when I get home, take my shoes and socks off. SInce I work in a business office, taking my socks off at work is out of the question but I do take my shoes off as soon as I sit down at my cubicle. Barefootboy, you'd love barefoot driving. It's fun and pretty relaxing. That and you get more control of the car you're driving since you are dring in barefeet.

I'm giving it a try!

I know this might be a stretch for you, but try to do everything barefoot, and stay barefoot as much as possible. Try to venture into a few stores.

I have been giving that some thought and am going to do it! A barefooted boy should drive that way, too! :)

I can slip my shoes off at my desk, but it's fairly strict otherwise. You've convinced me--I'll take 'em off and drive home barefooted. Might even drive to work in bare feet! :)

How do you get to drive barefoot? I hope you always drive barefoot. This is one of the things that you usually do, and many do even before embarking on the barefooting. Two are the main situations in which people are mostly barefoot: one is their own home, of course, and the other is their car. Then, for those who, like you, working in the office, many take off their shoes when they sit at a desk.