Agony And Ecstasy.

I adore the fine line between agony and pleasure,recently,my mistress punished me for failure to polish her boots correctly,i was ******** of my uniform,and wearing only heels,black full fashion nylons and garter belt,made to sit upon her punishment stool,i.e. a tall wooden stool with a affixed phallus that was embedded in my rectum,my wrists were tied behind my back and ankles tied to the devices legs,mistress tied about my face and mouth one of her aromatic pumps,my nipples received suction cups whilst my brests were slapped with a wooden ruler.I inhaled mistresses sour damp insole,and my penis became strained for relief,the ***** tormemted me terribly, this episode transpired for hours,as i begged for release,eventually mistress encased my penis in one of her own nylon stockings,as her fingers completed the task,she massaged my tortured organ to release,agony and lynette.
haremhose haremhose
51-55, T
Dec 3, 2012