What The Giver Feels

I would love to know what feelings the headmaster or teacher feels as they are administring a caning?.....And how they like the caning to proceed....Do they like it to be over quick or do they make it last so the boy suffers more?
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I am a retired teacher and when ever I punished a pupil I had an erection. Yes i enjoyed punishing but there was pupils who wanted punished i was only to willing to oblige

My experience of being caned at school was that our housemaster not only enjoyed caning boys, but also was turned on by doing it. On a couple of occasions I was sent to be caned and found him about to go to the gym - he was a keep-fit fanatic. For that he wore a white vest and a pair of very skimpy white gym shorts with a jockstrap underneath. Having watched me undress and take six or more strokes over the arm of his big red chesterfield sofa, the huge bulge in his shorts betrayed him. Indeed, had it not been for his jock he would have been a sight to behold.

Hi OTKTANYA it would appear that for you to enjoy the pleasure of seeing your stripes when looking in the mirror and not being disappointed because they don't last long I would suggest a heavier cane well laid on by someone with a strong arm. Hopefully your stripes will be there for a few days at least.<br />
A cane for me is the only instrument which I like across my butt without a warm-up

Hi Otktanya. I was caned at school and at that time did not enjoy the experience at all. Now in my adult years I love being caned and this is done whenever I can get to one of my friends who knows how to swing a cane. It is done on my bare buttocks ( the best way to be caned) and usually between 6 -10 cuts with a very flexible and thinnish cane. It obviously hurts while being administered but it lweaves one with a lovely hot feeling afterwards. Not being able to sit comfortably for a day or two adds to the enjoyment. Love looking at my stripes in the mirror.These usually last for about a week.<br />
I think one should be caned regularly with the cane well laid on. It grows on one and I can recommend the session any time.<br />