Caned By Jane?

During my school days it was common to be caned.

The girl received the chastisement on the knickers only with a wooden ruler; they never got more than 6 strokes. They have been beaten up very seldom. Later in secondary school they were caned in very rare cases, but then only in the office.

It was quite different for boys; they got a caning depending on the violation on pants or on bare bottom in front of the whole class until the 6th form of secondary school.

It has been more than humiliating for us, to bend down in front of the girl with bare butt.

The girls were giggling, as the boys got erected. When we finally got administered the caning, it was not uncommon that a boy moaned before the pain. The girls noticed this with a smile and were teasing the boy later, because he was whimper like a small boy although he already 17.

In this time, I´ve had a very attractive brunet girlfriend called Jane, which was one of the classmates. She was watching, when I got a caning on my bare *** a few times. Of cause she has seen this before, but as she was my girlfriend now, it was different.
I wanted her respecting me as a man, and then Jane saw me with my pants around my ankles moaning, when I had got a caning by a female teacher.

Afterwards I was teased and humiliated by her together with her girlfriends.

When I was rude to one of her friends, Jane told me in the present of her female friends, that I must have a longing for a caning. I would be much more polite, if I do have welts by the cane on my bottom.
She should administer a caning to me instead of the female teacher. All the girls were laughing, when she said this and gave me a slap on my bottom.

Later, when we were alone, I wanted to kiss her and touch her beautiful boobs. When I unbuttoned her blouse, I saw her heavy boobs partly covered by her bra.

Jane pushed me back and said that I did not deserve it
First of all, I deserve to get a caning by her on my bare bottom, because I had been rude.

When I refused, she told me that I was only allowed to touch her in the future if I would consent, that she gets my permission to giving me a caning on my bare bottom in case of misbehaving.

When I still hesitated, she opened her bra and I could see her erect nipples.

I´m still waiting for your decision she said.
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Nice that you left us to imagine the ending.

Where do Jane get the canes from?

He knew what would happen if he consented. <br />
<br />
For one, she would decide on him, as it pleases and he would have to obey her what ever she wishes, on the other, she would tell the other girls that he has to obey her and that she is caning him on his bare bottom regularly.<br />
<br />
Nevertheless, it would only be allowed to touch Jane when she likes it and how she likes it.

I tell you later, but can you imagine what has happend?<br />
<br />
What would you have done instead of mine??

Nice story.. What happend?