Caned Many Times and Grew to Enjoy It

At an English grammar school in the 1960's I was frequently caned. Always on the bottom and always hard and always by the headmaster. Individual teachers were not allowed to cane us but could use paddles ; rulers and slippers

The caning didn't stop in the sixth form. I was bent getting a 'six of the best' when for reasons that I find difficult to explain I started to enjoy it. After a couple of strokes the pain turned into a 'glowing' feeling and I liked this !

As the year progressed I started to seek out reasons to be sent to the head for the cane. This wasn't difficult since the school had a policy of expecting its sixth formers to behave as adults. If we didn't we were 'treated as 12 year olds' and given a hard caning.

I am now a mature man and still enjoy a good 'dose' of the cane. I like to receive it on the bare bottom which never happened to me at school

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I woulD like to help if that is of interest

yes i to would seek out trouble so i would get the cane

I regularly visit a older man in leeds for twenty hard strokes of a heavy cane over my bare bottem, I love it he wears a long leather coat.

Good luck, Canelove!

I am looking forward to my first caning in 36 years. Wow!

I love the cane so much, it's such a turn-on. I just get high getting caned. But it must be a lady spanker. I dun like men caning me. I love the cane, the strokes and cut and pain that follows. ^______^

Hi Krol and Bongoboy I just loved to read your comments as I am also into caning both giving and receiving. Krol I also lkive in South Africa in Durbanville and I also go regularly to a guy for punishment. He has several canes of various thicknesses all of which I have felt.I love the pain and welts produced and he has a habit of photographing my butt after each session.There is nothing quite like a good caning which must be on the naked butt for full effect and enjoyment.I don,t know Krol where you stay but would love to meet and share experiences. Bongoboy I wish you all the best and a stinging behind. I also like the cane to be well laid on and at a slow pace for maximum effect.Welts should be evenbly spaced and at least 6 to 12 cuts applied.Lovely experience .I was caned some weks ago and am going to contact my friend for another session. Happy striped and burning backside!!

Would like to so share in a practical sense

Have been reading comments by Krol and Oupa. I also live in South Africa and have been caned many times. Am now retired and still visit an elderly friend who can swing a cane. It is best getting it on the bare buttocks. The sting and the burn are something wonderful and the welts stay for about a week. Caning is something very special and I wish that the cane was re-inroduced in our schools as disciplne is now non existent. My experiences in the Headmaster's office were unpleasant at the time but the welts and burning buttocks made it all worthwhile. I wish we could join a caning club where we could enjoy ourselves to the fullest and regularly bend for whoever decided to cane us. <br />
<br />

So need to be bent over to have my bare buttok cheecks thrashed with the cane and birched as well.

I also went to a British Grammar School in the 1960s. The headmaster normally administered 'six of the best' with the cane. I had a surprise experience with a supply (temporary) female physics teacher, Mrs Pearce, whom I used to taunt continually in the lessons. One day she asked me to go to the teachers' private room. When I arrived she had a school cane and told ne that she had had enough of my behaviour. She told me to take down my trousers and pants and bend over the chair in the middle of the room. I was dumbstruck but had no choice other than to comply. She gave me six whacks on my bare bottom, which really stung, and I had an enormous erection afterwards, for which she gave me a withering look of scorn. I quickly got dressed and rushed from the room. I had several more sessions of this before she left to join another school.

Nyxi, i hope the welts will be there soon.<br />
With what does he spanks you now?

Krol, my wife is prepared to cane/whip me, but it is not often enough! She does it on the bare and she knows how!<br />
Ek bly ook in SA.

Before I left boarding school aged 16 years I also got a taste for tha cane. I would also seek out reasons to be caned which was not difficult. At school we would be caned in our white regulation underpants or on the bare bottom by our headmaster. Our housemaster usually caned us over our PT shorts and jockstrap. I am now in my late 50's living in South Africa and still enjoy being caned by an elderly gentleman friend of mine. I keep a collection of vintage underpants, shorts and jockstraps to relive those memories

Risky, I only like the cane on my bare bottom, but it must be often.

Chewy, My wife does the spanking but i want it more. Maybe i must consider males also, but because i like it as foreplay, i don't know what to do with men after the spanking.

It is difficult to get ladys to cane me.

Caning is the absolute best and on the bare bottom?; i love it!! The pain that starts a few milliseconds after the strike and the following cuts - pain and then a sensation in an other part of my body. Oh i am thrilled. For me it must be given by a woman who can handle a cane! Who do you prefer to swing the cane?