Golden 60's Canings

I was sent to a boarding school aged 9 years in the early 1960's. My parents were both great supporters of Eric Wildman's Society for the Retention of Corporal Punishment and thus sent me to a school which used liberal canings. I received my first caning shortly into my first term. This was applied in the headmasters study over the seats of my underpants with a crooked handle junior school cane of those days. It was a harrowing caning of 6 strokes. I was to revisit him on many occasions over my school career for more serious applilications over my bare buttocks. On two or more occasions I was further caned in front of the whole school. A procedure the headmaster used when he wanted to get a point across to all of the boys and make an example of you. Even the school matron was present at these assemblies so it was quite humiliating.

At home and before going to boarding school aged 9 my parents had strapped me. However on reaching 9 years and being caned at my new school my father also obtained two junior school canes which he kept in his wardrobe. So during holidays I was caned if I misbehaved after our family prayers and before bathing and going to bed. For these rituals, which my mother would also watch and witness, I would be made to don a pair of "punishments pants" which were made of gossemer thin aertex material. I was caned at school and at home up until the age of eighteen. Usuall six searing, excrutiating strokes. Occasionally even more.

As I grew older I would get the most enormous erections at the prospect of a caning. On several occasions I accidently ********** in my underpants.

Our school matron used to inspect our underpants and noticed the crusty stains and sent me with a note to the headmaster for a caning and for "self indulging"



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i have never been cane but would love to try it to feel the pain
i have been strap an switch

It would be nice to see your bare bottom covered in raised cane welts.

i like to get caned.i am unable to find someone who can give me a good warm ***

i still need caning

Hi<br />
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I can remember a rumpas happening when I was at school and about 40 girls were on the coach.<br />
The headmistress decided we were all going to be caned and our parents were phoned and we had to meet in the hall after school the next day.<br />
We went into the hall and the mothers were sitting in a row and there were 2 desks at the front with a cane on each.<br />
It was announced we were to get into alphabetical surname order. We were all going to have 4 strokes of the cane and if we stood up we would get another 2 strokes.<br />
The headmistress then ordered the first 2 girls to come over and one bent over the one desk for a caning from her and the other bent over the other desk for a caning off the gym mistress.<br />
The gym mistress had a reputation for caning a lot harder.<br />
I was about girl number 30 and I was directed to the gym mistress. I noticed 5 girls got 2 extra strokes from her and only 1 from the headmistress.<br />
I just about managed to take my 4 strokes without standing up.<br />
I had another caning about a year later for smoking (6 strokes). This was done by the gym mistress.<br />
I never smoked again.<br />
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Hi Jane, I'd love to receive a full & detailed account of your "6 of the best" for smoking, please feel free to contact me. Regards, John.

My granddaughter bought her first boy friend to see me nearly 4 years ago and when I met his family I realised his great grandmother was the Gym Mistress who gave me 6 of the best twice at school on my bum.<br />
She is still alive and my granddaughter is still with this boy.<br />
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I was at secondary school from 1984 to 1989 and was caned 3 times at school over the knickers 6 strokes every time. When school caning was banned in 1986 the school phoned my mother on 5 occasions to say I had been naughty and I got 6 strokes of the cane every time on my bare bum. I also had 21 additional home canings always 6 strokes.<br />
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Hi Sue

You must have been one of the last girls to be caned at school ( Naughty Girl ).and you were caned a lot at home.
Do you have any children and do you smack them.


I assume that you had friends who also got the cane in the 80s? I think the official ban was 87.

Without Discipline their is CHAOS

Yes, Golden60 - it all sounds very familiar. I was sent to a school like that, selected by my father as "a place where I would be taught the difference between right and wrong". he was right about that. I was caned at least once every term - sometimes more. As a junior it was taken wearing nothing but skimpy white gym shorts which were usually dropped to my knees and back again to check that I was not 'padded'. As a senior I was caned on the bare - six to twelve strokes depending on the offence. And bare meant bare - not 'shirt up and trousers down' but parading in nothing but gym shorts and then, when the moment came, dropping the shorts to the floor and walking to the trestle to be caned. After waiting all day for it to happen, and knowing that I would have to undress, arousal was inevitable and usually earned an extra stroke. <br />
I, too, was caned in front of the whole house - I'd done something rather bad and the Housemaster decided that I should be beaten in front of them all. Six strokes on my bare bottom. <br />
Happy days!

Hi Negasman

I do not think school teachers were alllowed to cane on the bare in England as I remember the headmistress saying I would have been caned on the bare if it was not against the rules.
The gym mistress did most of the caning with the headmistress present as she was a young fit strong woman.
When we were given the slipper we had to bend over in front of all the other girls.
Six strokes was the maximun teachers were allowed to give and in the school I went to a caning always meant 6 strokes as far as I know.
When Mum heard I had been caned for a second time she gave me another caning.


Hi Lisa, I'd love to receive a full & detailed account of your last school caning, please feel free to contact me. Regards, John.

Dear Lisa,
Wrong! It depends whether you went to a government or a boarding school. At boarding school "in locus parentis" applied and not government school regulations. in government schools canings were restricted to a maximum of six strokes over clothed two layers of clothing(underpants/knickers and trousers/skirt) At boarding schools bare buttock canings were quite legal and without any restriction of strokes. Certainly a twelve stroke caning at my old boarding school was rare but a reality.
Kind regards,

Kroc is absolutely right - regulations that governed state schools did not apply in the private sector. My father signed a 'loco parentis' form that effectively gave the school the same rights as parents during term time. The form contained a specific consent on corporal punishment (Father showed it to me) which stated that I could be punished as, when and how the school deemed necessary. That certainly included 12 cane strokes on the bare! Not often used, but the risk of a full "Headmaster's beating" was always there!

Hi krol

I went to a government school and was caned over my knickers ( 1 layer )..


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Respected Gent Age 63 years young .Life was very Different in the 1950s 1960s . Strict Discipline was Approved of in the home by Parents and Extended family . and it was LEGAL . the cane was used in all Schools even into the 1970s . Catholic Schools were using the cane to Discipline youngsters . i was Number one Bad Boy and Deserved all the canings i got . have no bad feeling for the Nuns and Priests that Caned me . as i got older i Realized Without Discipline their is Chaos . youngsters need Discipline . Bringing up youngsters Without Discipline is foolish and not good for them . it did me no Lasting harm .

I went to an all girls school and the cane was not so common.
I was however caned twice on my bottom by the Gym Mistress.
At school however I was caned over my knickers where as at home it was done on the bare.
The boys in the nearby school were however allowed to keep their trousers on so they had 2 layers protecting them where as us girls only had 1.
The Gym Mistress did give us the slipper for incorrect / dirty kit. Usually 2 strokes over the knickers.


you must have Deserved to be smacked NaughtyGirl

It is unfair for girls to get the cane over knickers if boys are not caned over underpants. Do you know if a lighter cane was used on girls?

Mum caned me on the bum between 11 and 19.<br />
I had to bend over the desk and got 6 strokes every time.<br />
Mum made me go to the shop to buy the canes.<br />
I had an average of 4 canings a year on the bare.<br />
<br />

I attended an Anglican private school in Melbourne during the 1950's and was often caned.The number of strokes depended on the offence from one to six.All the teachers used the cane quite liberally and many years later read an article by one of them expressing the Headmaster instruction of the importance of the follow through on the stroke.Sometimes we would have to remove our underpants usually when we were to receive six strokes.This method was only administered by the Headmaster . The marks usually lasted three weeks and some of the teachers would come to the sports change rooms and observe their "work". Supposedly a Christian School.

Well the bit about s striped red bottom sounds familiar. Both my eldest have those. The cane works really well for me and those stripes show it is working on them also

Is that really true Margaret? Does that improve their behaviour?

Well done Margeret and keep it up! You will see the fruits of your work in future years. You do not indicate whether your "eldest" are girls or boys? Actually quite irrelevant, just keep up the good work.
Kindest regards,

It's quite amazing, looking back, the kind of punishments we endured without the slightest quibble.<br />
On the hand, across the seat of our trousers or even across our bare bottoms. We just got on with it.<br />
Of course we have those experiences to thank for our desire for CP today.

Well it was just the way things were, wasn't it? As a small boy it never occurred to me that wrongdoing would be punished in any other way than going naked over my mother's knee at bath-time for a good smacking.

i Agree . Growing up in the 1950s and into the 1960s it was just part of Life youngsters did as they were told or got a very sore bottom . it did me no lasting harm . Home Disciplining of youngsters for breaking house rules was very much Approved of . i am not Quite sure why it stoped . Bringing up youngsters without Discipline is Stupid Parenting . their is so much anti social Behaviour and Crime . On the streets UnDisciplined youngsters are Disruptive . its down to the way they are Raised .Without Discipline their is just CHAOS . Strict Parenting in the 1950s into the 1960s was Working . the cane was used in all Schools back then . youngsters left school and got jobs . A Well Disciplined youngster will always get a job .

yes I remember well, the worst part in many ways was spending the day knowing I was going to be caned then standing outside the Head's study heart going like a trip hammer. I got caned about 20 times in all, the most was 10 across my underpants - got caught scrumping !! I deserved all of them and it has given me a life-long need to pay for my sins by receiving the cane - so some good came of it.....if any 'Head' out there wants to teach me a lesson.