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First Caning At Home

My first caning at home was from my mother. I was 11 and while I was pushing my friend of a water tank my mother saw me. She attended to him and told me to go to my room. He wasn't injured much!

I knew that i would get a hiding, because that was the norm and i deserved it. I had many with the hand and wooden spoon etc.. When my mother entered the room she had a cane in her hand. I knew that cane because my elder sister got spanked with it before and i knew the results. It was black and about 1m (39inches) long. Boy, i realized i was in for a very unpleasant thing. Mother said i must remove my pants and lie face down on the bed and that i must not move. I clenched my pillow with my hands. When the first stroke fell i grabbed my butt. It was hell sore and mum said: lie still! I grabbed the pillow again. Mum said it will be 1 extra for moving. When the second cut landed i nearly pissed myself. I never thought that the cane can sting like that! Other boys at the school who had the cane as well as my sister told me, but i never expected that. The underpants i had on didn't helped at all. I moaned and groaned and made all sorts of promises, but mum said that i must be quiet, there are still 3 to come. Hell...! At primary school it was only 2 or 3 cuts. When no. 3 landed i just shouted, but tried to lie still. ****, my butt was on fire!  Nos. 4+5 followed almost together. There was no time for action, only shouting. I was crying and rubbing my backside. Mum said she hoped i learned my lesson and gave me a hug. I never bullied my friends again.

Later i checked my backside in the mirror. I  could see the 5 red/purple lines/welts, and was very proud of myself. Now i can also say i had the cane.

I can assure you that i had no thrill out of this caning, or any spanking at that time.

When I was 12, i had my first spanking with the cane at the school from the Head. I received 3 of the best. That was also no joke. He could handle the cane. At home I also looked at my butt. in the mirror. The 3 purple lines/welts where spread very nice across my butt., but i definitely had no nice or erotic feeling. That followed very much later. I was just the hell in for myself for doing things that earned me the cane! 



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Thanks for your contribution. My caning strokes in secondary school were more severe than my mums, but mum mostly gave more strokes when I got older, so all in all hers were harsher.

At primary school we recieved the sand shoe , we had to touch our toes and recieved three wacks , this happened in class in the corridors and in the heads study, I only recieved the cane at home until I joined secondary school , but mums thrashings were far harsher than the school ones , I think mum would have had a better cane and the last stroke on the bare was equal to the previous six

Thanks for commenting! I think you can say so.

I never got caned at my livery company grammar school but I saw many that did and the aftermath of the bruises on their backsides (guess it would be a clear assault these days)
There was unhealthy silence and watching as ourclassmates were beaten.
Being a control freak I never explored the tingling feeling in my butt as I watched others suffering

Most of our canings took place in the heads office. So if you saw a guy being caned, you know that your turn is almost there.

A great start to the life of a pain freak? :)

Spanking like that was made illegal at school for a it is^^ ..also I thought this post was going to be about canning foods I had some good tips but I surely was disappointed..

N.123, the heading is clearly caning!

Ardmay,<br />
Thanks for commenting and your kind words!

I have the same problem!<br />
My partner does not spank me enough.<br />
I do not have advice.

Hi, I love to be spanked by my partner BUT he doesn't do it often enough!! How can I encourage him to belt me more often?

I love my partner to spank me BUT he doesn't do it often enough!! Any ideas how to get the belt more often?

Tanya,<br />
I don't think so. <br />
During this caning I experienced nothing erotic or whatever, except the pain.<br />
It was the same (nothing) with my early school spankings.<br />
A few years later I noticed 'funny feelings' and discovered it was actually stimulating. So I don't know where the interest in spanking originated.

Caroline, thanks for commenting.<br />
That was many stroke for an 8yr old!<br />
How did it feel and how do you feel about it now.

Happiest, which spankings are he the best in?<br />
<br />
Yes LLBoy, its not easy get a mommy to spank one.

Would love a mommy to cane me like that

i guess i did deserve some of the canings i have not seen her since i was about 10 years old and have no feelings either way she did what she thought was right<br />
when i got older i began to like began to like it in a strange sort of way istill get it now from my partner but only for punishment which he is expert at

How do you feel about it today?, Happiest.

yes she used a cane she kept it under the stairs that was the first of many times she used it

Yes Happiest, that sounds like abuse to me. You did not deserved that. Did she used a cane on you?

you say you deserved your first caning and if my kids did the same i would have spanked them <br />
but the first time i got it also at home from my step mother was for getting out of bed one night i was5 years old and sleeping at the time so couldent have been out of bed but she wouldent listen just pulled back the bedcloths and deliverd 6 hard wacks then left saying if i made any noise it would be repeated